Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grocery Haul

I decided to do a little bit different kind of post today.  I thought it would be fun to show you some of the stuff I bought at the grocery store.  I watch a lot of youtube videos and really like watching the grocery hauls.  I don't know why, but I love seeing what other people buy at the store.  Sometimes I get new ideas or see fun products I never even knew existed!  So today I am going to share some of my finds with you.  Maybe you will see something you want to try?!

Now I don't want to make this totally boring, so I am not going to show you my whole shopping trip. Yes, I bought things like carrots, apples, celery...but that's pretty boring.  I just picked out some of the fun stuff as well as some of the stuff I ALWAYS get.  Here goes!
These were my "fun" items from the store.  Pretty much everything came from Giant Eagle, but I also made a quick stop at Aldi.  For those of you not from the 'burgh, Giant Eagle is our normal grocery store and Aldi is like budget shopping place.  I absolutly love Aldi!!! There are certain things I will buy only if I get them there because they are so much cheaper!! Just remember to bring a quarter and your own grocery bags.  Yes, you need a quarter to get a cart...but you get it back when you return it! Pretty smart if you ask me! They don't have to pay someone to round up all the carts.

Let's start with the drinks.  A staple lately is Swiss Miss diet hot chocolate mix.  Only 25 calories a cup! To drink it "normally" I just mix it with water and a few Splenda.  When I am feeling crazy (which is most days lately...) I make a super delicious adult drink with it! I will probably make a post about it because it is that good!! Let's just say a healthy serving of whipped vodka is involved :)
I am also totally in love with these water flavorers... I think flavor-ers is a word?? Anywho...there are so many different kinds and flavors! I don't really drink much water but it is much easier with these.  The watermelon Kool-Aid is my favorite so far.  Tastes just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher!! I am def getting in my 8 cups with these guys. 
I consider myself vegan-ish and don't really drink milk.  If I am out somewhere and it is the only option, I may put a splash in my coffee, but other than that I don't use it.  I DO use almond milk a lot though!! I don't just drink it or put it on cereal though.  I use it in baking all the time.  I think it has a much better flavor than regular milk and is only 30 calories per cup! 

I call these my "fun flavor adders" because they add fun flavor to all sorts of things!!! You might be surprised how many things you can use these on. 
PB2 is amazing!!! It is basically de-fatted peanut butter.  It is a powder that you mix with water.  Only 45 calories for 2 tablespoons.  I do use is as regular peanut butter, but I also mix it with yogurt, put it on cereal, sprinkle some on pancakes, bake with it...the possibilities are endless.  
The ranch seasoning is also so good.  There are other flavors but this one is the best.  I love to sprinkle it on raw veggies.  So much flavor and so little calories, I don't even count them. 
Chocolate syrup!! I don't usually get Walden Farms cuz it's pretty pricey.  I had a coupon so it wasn't too much.  Walden Farms is a brand that makes calorie free stuff.  The taste is actually pretty good! Gotta love the Hershy's sugar free syrup too.  The diabetic hubby uses it sometimes too.  They go great with that adult beverage I was talking about :) Super yummy on greek yogurt too.

Speaking of greek yogurt...LOVE it! So much better than regular yogurt.  It's so thick and creamy and has tons of protein.  I just buy the nonfat plain kind cuz I always add fun things to it.  PB2, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, cinnamon, sugar free jelly, frozen fruit...I also use it in baking.  You can also use it basically anywhere you would use sour cream.  Great on a baked potato or to make a dip.  
I especially love it with this Fiber One cereal.  There is a chocolate kind too but I like this one more. I  never eat cereal with milk like normal person...I either eat it plain as a snack, or with greek yogurt!

Rice cakes!! And NO, rice cakes don't just have to be a boring diet food! I always have a bag or two of these in the house.  You can do so much with them!! I don't ever just eat them plain. You can do a PB2 and sugar free jelly sandwich with them.  Try topping them with some salsa and fat free cheese. Mix together greek yogurt and cinnamon and spread that on them. Another favorite combo is fat free cream cheese, refried beans, salsa, and shredded cheese :) Oh and don't forget banana slices and some of that chocolate syrup! I could go on...
These little cinnamon ones are super tasty too.  A little more expensive but so worth it.  I love anything cinnamon so these are a hit with me.

Did you really think I would go to the store and not buy MORE protein bars?! Ha! I think it is like an matter how many I have at home, I always come home with a few more.  The best part is I always get coupons so I basically got my whole stash for free!
I have had all these ones before and they are all winners!! I think there will be another protein bar review coming up soon... I highly recommend all these :)

In the first picture you may have noticed two cans of carrots hiding in the background.  Well, I didn't just buy 2 cans...Yes, I love canned carrots! And why the heck not?! Canned vegetables are so easy and inexpensive! Plus they last forever so you don't have to worry about rotten veggies.  I will make a special trip to Aldi for these because they are half the price of the name brand ones.  
I am loving my Carrot Cake Pancakes lately so I am going through these like crazy.  If you haven't tried them yet you are really missing out! I will also just heat these up and top them with sugar free maple syrup.  Yes, I said maple syrup! Don't knock it til you try it! I am going to experiment with a carrot cake muffin this weekend too.  Hopefully they turn out and I will post the recipe.

Last but certainly not favorite sweet treat!!!!
And when I say favorite, I mean ALL TIME FAVORITE! These are so much better than regular Reese's pieces.  I don't really know why because they are basically the same thing, but they are just so good!! I will def be stocking up on these before Easter is over.  These may not be the healthiest thing for you, but I struggle getting enough fat in my diet so these really help.  Plus they are freakin delicious!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!! Maybe I will do these every once in a while??

**What is one thing you always get at the store??
**Are you a bargain shopper or do you not even look at the prices??


  1. This was fun to read! I like looking at other people's grocery hauls, too!! I'd have to say the one thing I always get at the store is either peanut butter or soy milk, haha!

  2. I love seeing other people's grocery hauls--it's funny because I feel like a lot of flexible dieters hauls look so similar, like I see a ton of my favorite staples here! (fiber one, ranch kernel seasons, rice cakes, aldis carrots, diet cocoa, almond milk!!)

    PS--I'm in Pittsburgh too!! :)