Monday, April 21, 2014

P28 Review

Ok, I have really been missing out!! Why did it take me so long to try P28 products?! I stumbled upon this company a while back.  They have high protein foods such as bagels, flatbread, regular bread, and peanut butter.  As a vegetarian, I sometimes struggle to get enough protein so I was really excited when I discovered these goodies.

I looked into the background of this company and loved their story!! It was developed by 3 brothers and their trainer/nutritionist.  The brothers were in the bakery business and used to be overweight and out of shape.  You should see them now! Wow!! They didn't want to give up bread (who would?!) so their trainer became their partner in developing these wonderful products!! 

The company was so amazing and sent me some things to try! 
I didn't know what to eat first!

There was 5 different peanut butters.
Peanut butter, signature blend, banana raisin, white chocolate, and almond butter.

Also, three different high protein bread products!
I LOVE carbs so having carbs that are also high in protein is so awesome.  Flatbread, sandwich bread, and a bagel.  The bagel and the flatbread both had 28 grams of protein in them!! That is without anything else on them.  One slice of bread has 14 grams or protein.  You could make a seriously high protein sandwich with two pieces of this bread!

I decided to try the flat bread first.  This thing is HUGE! I took half and spread the regular peanut butter all over it. 
The entire flat bread is only 260 calories with 7g fat, 27g carb, and 28g protein.

How good does that look?
Remember, that is just half of the flat bread!!! 

I couldn't wait to take a bite.
So good!!! It has so much flavor! Perfect paired with the peanut butter. 

Ok, now for the other half...
Peanut butter roll up.  I liked it even better this way.  The bread is nice and soft so it rolls up easily.  Not like some of those low carb, low fat flat breads that are hard and stiff. The almond butter was great with this. 

For breakfast the next day I couldn't wait to try the whole wheat bagel.  Bagels are absolutely one of my favorite foods!  Especially bagels with fat free cream cheese.  
Nailed it!! 

The nutritional facts are crazy on this! Only 260 calories.  
7F 25C 28P
I have never seen any bagels with those kind of numbers.
The bagel is so soft! It has just the right amount of chewiness too.  It is a very hearty bagel with oatmeal on top and sunflower seeds throughout it. 

This breakfast kept me full and happy all morning :)
It would make a really great egg sandwich! I am sure it would be good with some cheese and lunchmeat too.  Of course it would taste great with some P28 peanut butter!

I knew exactly what I was going to have for lunch.
Pb&J!! My all time favorite!

I used the regular P28 peanut butter for this and it was delicious! Add a little sugar free strawberry jelly and I was in heaven.  The bread has a similar (and amazing) taste and texture as the bagel.  Very soft and slightly chewy.  The brothers did not sacrifice the flavor for healthiness at all when they came up with this!
One slice of bread is only 130 calories with 3.5 grams of fat, 12 grams of carb, and 14 grams of protein! So not only is the bread super high protein, but the peanut butter packs an extra 14 grams! I could eat this for lunch everyday. 

Now, what to do with all the rest of the peanut butter...
So smooth and creamy!! Each serving is about 200 calories and 13F 7C 14P.  They vary a bit, but have very similar macros.

One of my favorite combos!
Loved it!!

Some people think this one is a bit odd...but carrots and peanut butter are out of this world!
Or carrots and almond butter :)

Everybody loves this combo!!
Oh goodness! With the banana raisin flavor! These were gone in like .2 seconds!

Any possibly the most fun...
Animal crackers with the white chocolate peanut butter.  The white chocolate is my all time favorite.  

This little lion was in heaven before I bit his head off...
So good!

So, if you have not yet tried P28 products, you need to go here and order some right now! You will not be disappointed!  I am just sad that I didn't try their stuff earlier! I have not seen these items in any stores around me yet, but I know they are in some grocery and specialty stores.  You can type in your zip code here and see if they are sold at locations close to you. What are you waiting for!?

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