Saturday, April 19, 2014

ON - Optimum Nutrition Review

Another great company with some fun samples to try! ON - Optimum Nutrition sent me some single serve packets that I was super excited about tasting.
I was most excited about the Rich Milk Chocolate Pro Complex powder.  The macros are amazing!! 140 calories <1F 3C 30P.  As someone who struggles to get enough protein, I like powders that are as high as possible in the protein department.  

The chocolate taste did not disappoint!! First of all, it smelled amazing! I knew I wanted to try baking something really chocolatey with it!

Decided to use it in my Chocolate Pancake recipe.
Do you see that stack! The powder mixed up really nicely and made for one tasty breakfast.  

I tried the vanilla ice cream in a simple shake with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I don't usually drink my protein powder but it was really good! I usually prefer vanilla to chocolate and it certainly did not disappoint. 

I loved vanilla ice cream protein powder so I picked up a large tub of it. I knew it would be good for a lot of my recipes.  I was right!
 This has become my favorite powder to use when I make Protein Ice Cream.  I mean seriously, it is vanilla ice cream flavored! 

Does that look good or what?!
Yea, it's pretty delicious!! 

The nutrition facts are perfect for me.  I usually try to keep my protein powder at or under 120 calories so this was spot on.  It is also very low fat, low carb, and of course high protein. 
 1F 3C 24P

I have mentioned before that I usually don't drink pre-workout or post workout energy supplements. Maybe it is something I should be using more often?! There are times when I feel a little sluggish and tired during my workout and could use a little boost.  I was pretty excited to try these.  
They are for anytime energy so I would drink some before, some during, and some after my workout.    I am a sucker for anything watermelon flavored and the green apple sounded fun too!

I decided to try the green apple first.  Love that color!
It tasted amazing! Like a green Jolly Rancher.  I had a great workout and it was very refreshing. Each serving only has 5 calories and 100mg of caffeine. 
The watermelon was also great! 

I have now added ON to my list of favorite protein powders!! I would drink the Amino Energy stuff again, but probably won't buy it just because I am not that into energy supplements.  If someone gave it to me though, I would enjoy it again :)


  1. I had the same protein but with banana flavor. I'm with this protein were satisfied. I had the banana flavor but I would not want to anymore. Sometimes I try vanilla like you :)

    1. I have never been a fan of fruity flavored protein powder. The vanilla ice cream is really good and the chocolate is amazing!!

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  3. I'd love to try a couple of samples from ON, how did you get them to send to you?

  4. I emailed them asking for some samples to do a review on! Never hurts to ask :)