Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mary's Gone Crackers Review

I am really enjoying doing product reviews lately! I came across a great looking snack company called Mary's Gone Crackers.  All of their products are gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan, certified organic, and kosher.  Sounded perfect to me!! I love finding new and healthy snacks! I read a bit about Mary, the founder, and learned that she suffers with celiac disease.  I have an aunt, a friend, and a father in law with celiac so I was excited to find some new snacks that they can enjoy too :)

I requested some samples for a review and was very excited when the package arrived!
I have done quite a few product reviews already and most companies send little single serve bags (which is fine and still wonderful!!).  Not this company!! I got 3 different products and each came in a full size package! An entire bag of chipotle tomato pretzels, a full box of original crackers, and a big box of n'oatmeal raisin cookies.  I was so happy :)

If you know me at all, you probably know that I have an extreme obsession love for pretzels! Pretzel sticks, pretzels nuggets, pretzel pieces, pretzel rods...Love! I knew I wanted to try the chipotle tomato pretzel sticks first.  
I decided to pair them with one of favorite dips.  Pretzels and fat free cream cheese is so good.  I will admit, I was worried these were going to be really spicy.  I do not like spicy foods at all...

The flavor was awesome!! Not to spicy at all.  That may be bad news if you do like that kind of thing, but these were perfect for me. 
These pretzels are super duper crunchy.  And there is so much nice texture to them. This was a great snack. 

I really loved that all the pretzels sticks were different sizes and shapes. Some tall and skinny ones, fat and short ones, and oddly shapes ones :) It made snacking on them more fun! 
Nutritional facts are great for these! One serving is 150 calories and 5g fat, 21g carb, and 4g protein.  

Next I wanted to try the crackers. I just had the original ones, but they also come in hot n spicy jalapeño, super seed, onion, caraway, black pepper, and herb flavors.  Those are some fun sounding crackers!
Look at all the seeds and goodness in those crackers!! 

What goes better with crackers than some different cheeses?
My husband came home while I was preparing this and just started snacking away!! I was like "Hey!! I need to take a pretty picture first! Then you can have some" He loved them! And I hate to say it, but my husband is not exactly a "healthy food" eater...I don't think he knew how healthy his little snack was!!

After he was done munching, I went in for a taste. Perfect little cracker and cheese sandwich!
These crackers are super hearty!! Not like some unnamed kinds you might normally by at the store which don't fill you up at all...This would even make a great lunch!  The flavor and texture of these crackers is unlike any other cracker I have ever tried.  So good!
Only 140 calories for 14 crackers! That's a pretty good serving if you ask me.  They also have 5g fat, 21g carb, and 3g protein. 

Saved the best for last!! Cookie time! My parents own a cookie bakery so I am no stranger to these lovely baked goods.  Sorry mom and dad...but your cookies are not healthy like these ones!
I got to try the n-oatmeal raisin cookies.  If I didn't read it on the box, I would have had no clue there was no oatmeal in them! They are oat, wheat, and gluten free.  Mind blown.

I love the size of them.  Perfect little dessert.  
You get two cookies for 120 calories 4g fat, 20g carb, and 1g protein. Let's just say I had a little more than one serving. No guilt here!!

These would even make a great breakfast! Heck, they are healthier than most granola bars or prepackaged oatmeal out there.  Check out those raisins! 
5 or 6 of these thrown in my bag for breakfast on the go? Sounds good to me! They also come in chocolate chip, double chocolate, and ginger snap.  I must try the other flavors too!! 
These were so soft and chewy.  Not what I was expecting at all.  I guess healthy foods sometimes get a bad reputation as being hard, rubbery, or just plain yucky.  Not these cookies though, so tasty!

Another great thing about these products is that a lot of them are sold at your regular grocery store! If you can't find them, you can buy some online.  I highly recommend you try some of their products soon! Chances are, you know someone who suffers from celiac disease too.  What a great gift that would make!! Thoughtful and delicious :) 

I will absolutlely be buying some of the other products to try in the near future.  Those double chocolate and gingersnap cookies sound too good to miss out on!!

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