Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kim's Magic Pops are Amazing!!!

Ok guys, I need to get serious here for a minute...I think I have found my new favorite snack!!! Oh my goodness!! If you have not tried Kim's Magic Pop, you need to go here and order some right now!
I am trying to get into doing more product reviews and I couldn't have picked a better company to do that with.  I was blown away by their generosity and willingness to help out!  It was better than Christmas Day when the package arrived.
I just kinda stared at them all for a minute trying to decide which bag to open first!! Not only are there A TON of flavors, but there are different kinds too.

There are big ones...
There are so many fun flavors! Pumpkin, blueberry, cinnamon, strawberry, honey wheat, original, cheddar cheese, and onion just to name a few.

Then there are these smaller guys called Deli Pops.
Most of the same flavors here.  I was so excited to try the sweet potato ones!!!

There are also little bite sized ones!
Chocolate drizzle and original too.

I started checking out the nutritional facts and was blown away.  Each serving is only 10-20 calories!!  You could eat 10 big ones for 100 calories!! Only a couple carbs and fat free.
In case that isn't awesome enough, they are all natural, low sodium, sugar free, and dairy free!

If you know me, you probably know that I love rice cakes.  I would usually buy the plain ones and top them with fun things.  These are now going to replace my boring rice cakes! With flavors like sweet potato, chocolate, strawberry, onion, and pumpkin, I will never get bored.

I tried some just as is.  So crunchy!
I could honestly just eat them right out of the bag.  The flavor in these things is delicious! 

I then decided to jazz them up a bit! I had so many ideas of what to do with them, I just didn't know where to start.
I decided to try one of my favorite things...peanut butter!
Wow! I put some whipped peanut butter on the strawberry one and it was great! Like peanut butter and jelly.

Sticking with the peanut butter idea, I tried one of my favorite combos.  
This was a winner!!! On the cinnamon pop this time.

In the mood for something savory?
A much healthier version of chips and salsa.  The original ones are great for this.

Chocolate syrup on the little whole wheat Deli Pops for dessert.
It's crunchy, it's sweet, it's perfect!

How about a super low carb cheese sandwich on the cheddar flavored ones?!

I LOVE maple syrup.  I put it on basically everything, so I knew it would be good on a honey wheat pop.
I love it when I'm right...

Hmm...what to do with the onion ones...
Cottage cheese for the win! The onion ones are so good.  So much flavor, but not overwhelming.

I love the color of the blueberry ones! To make it even prettier I topped it with some sugar free strawberry jam.
Yup, it was awesome too.

Nutella on the original little ones was to die for.
I could eat this for breakfast or snack every day! 

Possibly my favorite was a little cream cheese sandwich.
This was great on the little cinnamon ones :)

I am a big time snacker...the little bite sized chocolate ones are perfect for this.
I know what I am having for movie night!!

So much chocolate drizzle!
These might be my favorite of all.  They are going to be great for throwing in my lunchbox for work. 

I really loved the pumpkin ones too.  If you read my blog or check out my recipe page, you will see lots of pumpkin! 
These are so light and crispy! Absolutely no guilt eating the whole bag!

I don't know if I will ever buy regular rice cakes again...
I can honestly say I am in love with Kim's Magic Pops!!! These just became a staple in the Hoeltje Household :)


  1. Oh my gosh thank you so much for posting this! I had no idea about this company, but I just checked them out and I can't believe how amazing their products are!! Definitely going to buy the variety pack now!

  2. I like using the cheddar cheese flavor for chips and also to make tostadas. I use hummus, quinoa mixture w/avocado, and pecante to layer the tostadas. I use the plain magic pops for other stuff.