Saturday, April 19, 2014


Anyone who follow my blog know that I use a lot of protein powder in my recipes! You also know that I absolutely love protein bars and trying new ones.  I was beyond thrilled to try some bars and powders from ABOUTTIME!
So much fun stuff! I love the single servings! So convenient and easy.

There were 3 different bars to try and an awesome protein powder already in the bottle! 
What a genius idea.  Take it with you in the car or throw it in your gym bag.  You don't have worry about it leaking because you can just add the liquid when you're ready to drink it! I am very much a convenience person so I loved this.

I have never used a pre workout drink before so I was super excited when I saw these.  
I LOVE watermelon flavored drinks so I knew I would be trying that one right away.  

It tasted great!! 
Also, the powder dissolved completely.  Always a good sign.  Not a bit was wasted :)

I started thinking of which recipes I wanted to try first with the powders.  
Such fun flavors too.  Mocha mint and cinnamon! Of course there is vanilla and chocolate too.

There was whey protein isolate and vegan protein formula.  
Yay for vegans! :) Although I don't consider myself a total vegan, I am what I call "vegan-ish" so I loved seeing that protein powder.

I decided to try the Mocha Mint mixed with some greek yogurt. That is why I say vegan-ish...I can't give up my greek yogurt and protein powder snack! 
This was awesome! The powder mixed up so well! It wasn't clumpy or lumpy at all.  A great way to give that plain yogurt some great flavor.  

I loved the texture of these bars! Soft and chewy, just the way I like them!
Each is around 210 calories plus 11 grams of protein.  
7F 28C 11P

Gluten free and dairy free.  These are naturally sweetened with things like dates, fruit, and nuts.  
 The hubby loved the Pecan Pie one!! I didn't really want to, but I did share :)

The size of these bars is perfect too.  Not too big, not too small.  
This Island Coconut was so flavorful! You can see the pieces of actual coconut in there. 

I liked them all so much! I wanted one as a snack but couldn't decide so I cut them up into bite sized pieces and had all 3.
Lovely little sampler plate :)

 I'd have to say the Pecan Pie was my favorite.
So chewy and so much flavor!! Oh, and did I mention I can pronounce all the ingredients!! Because they are all natural! Simply dates, white protein powder, almond, pecans, chicory root fiber, and cinnamon. 

A perfect snack! Paired with some fruit and you got yourself a great breakfast on the go.

Speaking of on the go...
Peanut butter shake waiting for me after my morning workout. 

And I ALWAYS pack my lunch for work.  I am not gonna get stuck at a fast food drive-thru.
Perfection!! I cannot stress how great these single serve packets are! 

I had to try the powder in my new Healthy Cookie Dough recipe!
Heavenly!! The vanilla protein powder is perfect in this.

Then I tried making a POV cake with the chocolate. Winner winner!!!
The chocolate flavor is awesome and it cooked perfectly in this cake recipe.

Of course I did also try the powder just as a shake.  The vanilla was great mixed with some unsweetened almond milk!
I would have done a double thumbs up if I wasn't holding my tasty drink!

I will absolutely be ordering more protein powder and bars from this company!! They sell the powder in big tubs too so if I can decide on a flavor, I will be ordering some soon! I even looked into it a bit and they sell some of their products at my local grocery store, Giant Eagle.  That made me VERY excited! I will be adding ABOUTTIME products to my weekly grocery list for sure. 

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