Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!! I did :)
I got a very pretty card plus a Target gift card from my awesome parents.  Love that store!! That will be well spent.  
Pandora for Easter?! OK!!
My parents got the cutest little white flower charm.

Looks great on my Pandora bracelet that the hubby got me last year.

They also got me the biggest bag ever of Reese's Pieces.
My favorite!!! These should last me a while.  Hopefully....

Jim is more the traditionalist so he insisted on decorating eggs.
Notice the yummy sangria I mixed up??

I am glad he took the initiative to buy the eggs and kit because I really enjoyed decorating those little eggies.
I was so proud of my bright pink one :)

I won't eat the eggs though, so it's a good thing Jim actually likes them.
I will stick to my egg beaters.  More for him!

Did I mention I got the BEST Easter basket from the BEST husband Easter Bunny?!
Seriously!!! It's ok to be a little jealous.

Who else gets Quest Bars, Vodka, and diet Code Red pop?! Anyone??
I also got the best Easter candy, frozen cherries, and little portioning bowls to do my baking :) He did good!!!

Don't worry, he got a pretty good basket too.
He LOVES those Little Debbie cakes!!! Those 3 boxes will be gone quickly!

More candy for the diabetic husband...yes, that is a beef jerky chocolate bar peeking through...
Healthy stuff too!! Clif bars and trail mix!

We went to my Nana's house for the day which is always a nice time.
We went on a really nice walk.  

It is so pretty out in the country!
We even had a little "boat" race.  My mom won with a stick! Ha

I found a pretty little flower to give to Jim.

Happy Easter from the horses!!!
Ya know, the Easter horses...Duh!

**Does the Easter bunny still visit you???


  1. You captured the Easter weekend so well with your photos and stories!

  2. I love this post! It looks like you had a really fun and relaxing Easter with your family! Dying eggs is so much fun!