Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jay Robb Protein Review

I am a long time fan of Jay Robb's protein powder!  I have been buying the vanilla for quite some time now.  I knew they had more flavors and requested some samples to try and write a review for.  Such a great company! They sent me a wonderful sampler pack!
It's hard to see, but they even sent a tote bag!! Whoo! You can never have too many bags.

It's like a rainbow of protein powders.
There is whey protein isolate and egg white protein.  They come in chocolate, vanilla, tropical dreamsicle, pina colada, and strawberry!!
The whey isolate has 110 calories with 0 fat, 1 carb, and 25 grams of protein!! Those are some amazing macros if you ask me!! 
The egg white protein is very similar with 120 calories, 0 fat, 4 carbs, and 25 grams of protein.  They are all fat free and very low carb! Perfect! 

I have already reviewed a few protein powder companies and this was the first one to send me a shaker too! Bonus points for Jay Robb :) Oh, I also found out he is a swimmer so double bonus points from a fellow fish!
I was in serious need of a new one.  It is the perfect size too.  I feel like most shakers are way too big! I don't like to add a ton of liquid when I do make shakes so this one is just right for me. 

I tried the vanilla egg white protein mixed with some unsweetened almond milk for a simple shake. The vanilla flavor is awesome.  This might be the best dissolving protein powder I have ever tried! 
The powders are all made with no MSG, no acesulfame-K, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, no aspartame, no lactose, no sucralose, and no cholesterol.  Just all natural ingredients!

I couldn't wait to try the tropical dreamsicle.  Orange creamsicles were always one of my favorite ice cream bars as a kid so this made me very excited.  I decided to make a protein cake out of this flavor. 
For those of you who never made one, what is wrong with you?? they are very simple and tasty! You simple mix together 3 T egg substitute, 1 scoop protein powder, and a dash of baking powder.  Add some liquid til it's pretty runny and microwave!

You will have yourself a moist, soft, and delicious little protein cake :)
The orange flavor was great!! Not too over powering and not artificial tasting at all.  I loved that it wasn't bright orange either because I know there are no artificial colorings added.  

I topped this off with a little sugar free syrup.  Seems like a bit of a weird combo but I was out of whipped cream :(
It was amazing!!! Seriously, if you haven't made this cake yet, go make some right now!!

I have mentioned before that I don't usually drink my protein powder.  I like to make things to eat with it instead! I decided to make a very simple apple dip with the strawberry flavor. 
I knew this was going to be a good combo.  I love dipping apple slices stuff. 

All I did was mix a little water with the strawberry protein powder and there ya have it!! 
Once again, I love how they didn't make the powder bright pink! As much as I love pink...that would only mean they added a bunch of food dye.  It had a very slight pink tint to it.  So tasty with the apple slices! Nice little snack.   

Next was the pina colada.  Unless it is an alcoholic frozen pina colada, I am usually not a huge fan of coconut stuff.  I had a great idea for this though.  
I mixed the powder with some non fat greek yogurt and topped it off with some frozen banana slices.  

Oh wow! This was so refreshing.  I was worried the coconut flavor would be too strong but it was perfect. 
Great after a workout.  Especially on a warm day, which we are finally starting to get here in Pittsburgh :)

I love baking with different chocolate and vanilla protein powders.  
I especially love these because they are fat free and mix up so well! No clumps in my baked goods!! 

I decided to try the chocolate in a batch of my chocolate pumpkin pancakes.  
These turned out so good that I bought a big bag of the chocolate protein powder.  I found it at GNC for only $19.99!! Very reasonably priced!

The vanilla is already a staple in my kitchen.  It is the only powder I will use in my Savory Cauliflower Pie!  This recipe may sound a little crazy, but trust me, it is so good!!
The vanilla protein powder is perfect because it doesn't have that fakey vanilla flavor.  It adds the perfect bit of natural sweetness.  

It is also a great powder for my amazing Spinach Pancakes!!!
These have got to be the healthiest pancakes in the world! Go try them! Make sure you use Jay Robb protein powder though!

I was also very excited about my new gym bag :) 
I can just throw everything in there, and off I go.  
So, in conclusion...Jay Robb protein powder is amazing!! It is by far my favorite baking protein powder.  It tastes great, mixes very well, is super healthy, and very affordable.  What more could you ask for?!  So go buy some and try it in some of my recipes.  

You and your belly will be very happy :)  Jay Robb has not let me down yet!
Oh, and I also just realized they carry protein bars too!! I will be trying those ASAP!


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  8. nce again, I love how they didn't make the powder bright pink! As much as I love pink...that would only mean they added a bunch of food dye. It had a very slight pink tint to it.