Thursday, April 3, 2014

Please don't do this at the gym...

I go to the gym...a lot!! I like to think I have good gym etiquette and act normal when I am working out.  I cannot say the same for some people... I have compiled a list of things that drive me nuts at the gym!! If you are doing these things, STOP IT!

This one goes out to the ladies...
Why exactly are you even at the gym?  You simply cannot get a good workout done with your hair just can't! It is also a hazard! You are gonna get that all caught up in a machine or something! It's just dangerous.  And why so much make up?? Are you planning on meeting Mr. Right  in between sets? You are gonna look a hot mess when that mascara starts dripping down your face.  And for goodness sake, put on a sports bra! If you try running on the treadmill, it's gonna hurt! 
This one is for everyone.  If you are not using a machine, don't leave your stuff all over it.  Also, if you're not using a machine, please do not just sit on it! Some people may be a little shy and won't ask you to move.  If you want to sit down, go find a chair.  
And absolutely don't just take a rest on one of the workout benches.  People want to use those to workout! 

I know that some of you guys are lifting very heavy weights.  More power to ya.  But there is no need for so much grunting.  A little groan here and there, sure... I get that it may be very hard to do that last rep.  Let's not be ridiculous...
Now, I don't do a ton of weighted squats, but when I do, I want to do them in a place called the squat rack! You know what it's for?! Doing squats! NOT curling or anything else.  So unless you are doing squats, get out the way.
Please please please put your weights back!! Your mother does not work here so you need to put your own toys away! Also, I am not the Wonder Woman and if you leave heavy weights all over the place, I can't move them!
If you are done using the leg press, please remove the 600 pounds of weight you stacked on there (even though you couldn't even do a full press with that much weight and just wanted to put allll the weight on and look tough...A little tip, use less weight and try proper form. 

This one may sound rude but I am not holding back... If you are a bit over weight and at the gym to get in shape, wonderful!!! I applaud anyone and everyone who goes to the gym.  BUT, please do not tell me what I should or shouldn't do when you are clearly doing something wrong...Do not tell me about your wonderful juice diet, or how carbs are bad, or how Dr. Oz knows everything, or that Splenda will kill you...I think I am doing OK without your tips.  
Guys, you are super guilty of this next one.  
Do not super set the entire gym! By super set I mean those people who are circuit training or whatever and set up 5 different machines with their weights.  Excuse me, but I would like to use one of those machines and am not going to wait until you finish every set.  If you are not currently on a machine, you are not actually using it.  I can't stand when I go to change the weights on something and someone says "I am using that", no you are not! You are over there doing something else.  So I am going to use this machine and when you are ready to use it again, you can put you weights back on.  

Locker room etiquette... oh my...
I don't know what you do at home, and honestly I do not care.  But you have to realize that you are not the only one who uses the showers, nor are you the only one showering.  Especially at 7am when most showers are taken.  So could you please refrain from loudly blowing your nose in the shower!? I am 99.9% sure you don't have tissue in there and that is just gross.  Bleh...

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that you are not self conscious of your body AT ALL! But is it really necessary to stand there all naked and have a conversation with me?! Wrap yourself up in a towel and then I can talk to you. 

Also, if you use a brush in the shower, please do not empty the hair out of the brush into the shower.  That hair is not going down the drain and I don't want it to look like there is a dead animal in the shower when I get in.  If you need to get all the hair out of your brush, empty it into the garbage! If you are just losing that much hair from showering, you should probably go see a doctor because something is wrong.  


  1. I don't go to the gym (walking is my choice of exercise) but that is hilarious!

  2. I know one things you forgot to add to this post.... LATE LIFEGUARDS! Hahaha!

    1. How did I leave that out?!?! That is the worst one of all!!!!