Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Power Crunch Review

I am on an on-going search for new and delicious protein products. I have already done a few reviews and was so excited to review Power Crunch.  They were generous enough to send me some samples to taste :)
Where to start!?

I was already excited because I know that most local grocery stores stock these Power Crunch bars.
I love it when I can just pick up some protein bars at the store instead of ordering everything online.

I did not even know this company had protein powder!
I was lucky enough to get to try the vanilla creame and double chocolate.  They also have cookies and cream and cafe mocha flavors.

I almost always prefer vanilla to chocolate so I was starting with the french vanilla creme.  Oh my!! They are just like those little wafer cookies I used to LOVE as a kid :)
I love the crunch and the layers of cream and cookie.  Macros are amazing!!! 200 calories per bar.
18 grams of fat 
8 grams of carb --- What?! Only 8 carbs?!
14 grams of protein

I have found my new favorite low carb protein bars! Wow! Next was the chocolate mint. 
  Any Thin Mint cookie fans out there?! These are for you!! So tasty! Look at those layers!!
205 calories 13F 10C 13P

Ok, chocolate time! Not just chocolate, but triple chocolate!! It absolutely lives up to it's name.
205 calories 13F 10C 13P
Completely covered in chocolate!! Chocolate wafers with chocolate cream in between.  If these weren't packed with protein, I wouldn't even call them protein bars.  I would just call them candy bars!! They taste that great!! Although these are way better for you than any real candy bar.  Seriously, this could be my dessert any day.  Oh, how about crushed up in some frozen yogurt?!

I loved these so much that I went and bought 2 other flavors to try.  Peanut butter fudge and peanut butter cream. 
They also come in cookies and cream and wild berry cream.

Looks like someone snuck into my lunch box for tomorrow!! Can't wait to devour that.
These are quite inexpensive too! Well under $2. And since you can buy them at most grocery stores, no worries about additional shipping costs. 

There is also a line of bars called crisp bars.  I was lucky enough to try the chocolate brownie wonder!
Only 180 calories.  9F 14C 13P

I love the white chocolate drizzle.  And it is covered on the bottom!
The flavor of this bar was super tasty.  It was a little crunchy, and had chocolate chips all through it! It did not have that artificial protein chocolate flavor at all! This was heaven!

I looked online and saw that they also carry a Choklat bar.  Dark and milk chocolate.  I had to go track them down.
I found these at GNC.  Each bar has 10 grams of protein!! It tastes just like a regular chocolate bar!! There are little crispy bites all through them! Each bar has 2 servings but I ate the whole thing myself.  I will be buying these again for sure!!!
Love that statement! 
Treat Your Body Smart. 
Macros for entire chocolate bar 200 calories 12F 16C 10P.

After trying all these bars, I was ready for some protein powder! I tried the vanilla mixed with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
I seriously think I found my new favorite vanilla protein powder! It was like drinking a milk shake! 
WOW! I need to buy some of this and try it in some of my recipes. Like soon!
3.5F 7C 20P

I wanted to do something even more fun with the chocolate.
This was such a good chocolate protein smoothie!!!! Topped it off with a little sugar free chocolate syrup.  I was one happy girl :)
It blended up perfectly! Basically the same macros for this flavor.  
That was one awesome chocolatey bite!!
I need to try this chocolate protein powder in my healthy Chocolate Brownie recipe! 

I will absolutely be buying these bars regularly! The taste is amazing, the price is very reasonable, they are easy to find, and they fit into my diet perfectly :)
You really need to try some of these products.  You can check here to see if they are sold in stores near you.  If not, you can order all of their products online.  I can say with confidence that you will not be disappointed!!


  1. Do these bars work for a lunch? I need something quick when I'm too busy to stop for a meal.

    1. The only downfall with these is that they are not super filling. Prob not great as a meal...but with a piece of fruit and cheese stick?? That would be a great lunch on the go :)

  2. Do these bars really provide organic food. Reilly looking for that
    low carb protein powder