Thursday, January 30, 2014

Got a Bunch of Boxes?!

I don't usually complain about the weather...too much... But some days it is just TOO cold! So cold you don't feel like leaving the warm house. But when you work as a nanny, it can be tough to entertain a little one all day in the house. Sure, we color, paint, watch some tv, etc. That gets pretty old after a while. Today we decided to get a little creative. We didn't want to leave the house to go buy anything, so we worked with what we had. That happened to be lots of boxes.  Dad had invested in three space heaters for the next few frigid days!

We got to work with the boxes. The family recently got two kittens so we decided to build them some little houses!
Add some electric green duct tape and you got a prettty sweet kitty castle!

Kiddo desperatly wants a puppy so the next creation was a puppy house. I don't think kitty got the memo.

This killed about 2 hours and I think I might have had more fun than the kiddo... Overall I think the kitties had the most fun!
I don't know about you but as a kid I was always thrilled when my parents got a new appliance or something that came in a big box! We built space ships, cars, castles, the possibilities were endless!! 

What is the best thing you built out of a box??


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