Monday, January 20, 2014

Snack Attack

As I have mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of big meals.  I am, however, a huge fan of snacking! I actually rarely eat a "real" meal.  I don't like eating a lot at once and I hate feeling full.  So I would rather snack allll day long.  I would say I eat something at least every 2-3 hours.  

I have also been talking about trying to gain weight.  I have 5 pounds to go :) Some of these snacks aren't the healthiest, but they are yummy and I like them!!

 Oh my are these tasty! I found them at Walmart. I haven't been able to find them anywhere else! 

I am like the biggest fan of Pop Tarts! They come in so many different flavors.  I am pretty sure I have tried just about every kind.  The fruit ones...meh...not my fav.  I definelty prefer the "desserty" flavors.  I got these bad boys at Aldi. Last box on sale! Probably won't see this flavor again until next Christmas so I will be sure to enjoy each and every bite :)

 I do love my protein bars.  These are absolutely towards the top of my list!  Probably even top 3.  Chocolate pretzel with sea salt.  What more could you want?? Perfect combo of salty and sweet.  I would even take this over a candy bar.  They are that good!

 I have been into dried fruit lately.  I am always on the go with my job, so it doesn't always work to bust out a banana or apple.  These are perfect to just throw in a little bag and take with me wherever we go...story time, park, library, mall, movies... Healthy and yummy. Got these from Sam's Club.

 More dried fruit.  How have I never tried dates until just recently?? They are yummy! I love them with a little cream cheese! They are kinda hard to actually stuff, but even just dipping them in cream cheese tastes just as good.  

 Ok, not so much a snack.  But this is some delicious tea! I really love the Tazo teas.  

 Yup, Sponge Bob Square Pants edamame.  I am a nanny remember...These are great because they come in little individual bags.  Pop them in the microwave and ready to eat.  I don't love them just by themselves...but on a salad or in a stir fry. Nice little protein boost!

 I have always been a fan of Wheat Thins.  Probably my favorite cracker.  Between these and Ritz crackers...that's a tough call.  This flavor is really good.  Pairs nicely with some cheese slices.  And a little extra fiber never hurt anyone :)

Yes, these are called kidzels.  Pretzels in the shape of fun things.  Once again, I am a nanny... I pretty much love any pretzels.  These are fun and yummy.  They have a little touch of honey too so they have that wonderful sweet and salty combo.  

Welp, those are some of my favorite snacks lately.  

Do you prefer to snack or eat "real" meals??

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  1. I prefer to eat "real meals" every 2-3 hours….is that not the right way to do it?