Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Life

I need to start this post with a HUGE thank you to a fellow blogger! Her name is Shira.  She has an amazing blog called Hello Life: A Year Without A Scale.  It is about her journey through eating disorder recovery.  All I can say is that she is truly inspirational!! I only wish I had found her blog earlier because she is just about finished with her 365 days without a scale.  Don't worry though, I am working my way through all her past entires.  The thing I absolutely love about her blog is that she is REAL.  She doesn't sugar coat things.  She is honest and so motivating.  I love her "Hello Life" idea. She sent out bracelets to others who are struggling with ED.  I requested one and it made my day when it arrived!

It is such a great feeling knowing that Shira, and many others are wearing this same bracelet and struggling through similar situations.  I cannot express how amazing it feels knowing I am not alone in this crazy disease.  

On another ED related topic...I went to the reproductive doctor today.  Since my last visit (about a month ago) I am up 2 pounds.  That means only 5 more to go :)  I can honestly say I feel OK with the number I saw today.  ED gave his two cents...but I did a pretty good job of telling him to "Shut It!"  I feel even more motivated now to gain the next 5 pounds.  

I went to the grocery store after my appointment.  Like I was hoping, I was feeling extra brave.  I even had a coupon for these gems.

Of course ED was screaming NOOOO! But ya know what?! These are delicious!! I had the red velvet today and really enjoyed them :)  Are they the most healthy thing? Hell no! But I have eaten super (crazily) healthy for pretty much my entire life.  We all deserve some fun and yummy food!

Another pretty awesome thing happened today.  I got a FREE haircut!! That's right! I also got some highlights thrown in.  I have this super talented friend who is a hair stylist.  She did my hair for wedding and I always go to her when I need a cut.  I texted her to see if she was working today because my hair was getting outta control.  She wasn't working, but she was interviewing a potential new stylist.  He moved here from New York and was asked to bring a "model" to show his skills.  Since he didn't know anyone, my friend asked if I would want to volunteer.  For a free haircut?! Count me in!  Wash, highlights, cut, styled for FREE! I cannot stress the free part enough.  Anyone who goes to even a somewhat decent salon knows that haircuts are not cheap.  I did give him a nice little tip :) I hope he gets the job! I was a happy customer. 

Overall I would say today was a pretty good day.  I am trying to keep a positive attitude with the whole weight thing.  One day/meal at a time :)

What is the best thing you ever got for FREE??

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  1. I love your haircut! Congratulations on your progress! Do we need to go shopping??