Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just a Bit on the Chilly Side

The past 2 days in Pittsburgh have been just a teeny tiny bit cold.

I don't think anyone in the area had school. The two kiddos I watch were both off. 

I usually wouldn't complain about the snow and cold. I do live in Pittsburgh and it is winter so I expect some weather like this. The problem is when the house you work in has a broken heater.

It is set at 70 but is actually only 56 degrees here! That is cold for being inside!

Luckily the family I work for owns a Keurig. I tried two new yummy flavors.

Both soo good! Even while sipping a hot drink, my coat remained on...all day...

Luckily I packed some warm slipper socks because the tile floor was freezing on my little piggies!

The kids were feeling it too...

We all snuggled up and spent a few hours watching this classic.

End the day with making some rice krispy treats. Except we didn't have enough rice krispies so we made do...mix in some honey nut and chocolate cheerios! Yum :)

Soo goooey!

What do you like to do on a cold and snowy day?? 


  1. That temperature is awful!! I do love snuggling with a classic Disney movie and some good coffee though!

  2. I feel so bad that it was only 56* inside the house!! Oh my goodness!! I don't know if I would have lasted!

    The coffee and rice crispy treats both sound delicious and I love the picture of the kiddos all snuggled up on the couch!

  3. Yikes the cold provided quite the extra challenge! I love the nest the children made for themselves with the blankets on the sofa.