Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Protein Bar Craze

It is no secret the love I have for protein bars! They are convenient, easy to take on the go, relatively inexpensive, and they come in sooo many fun and tasty flavors! 

I eat at least one everyday. I like trying different kinds to mix it up. I did a protien bar review a while back and have tried so many more since then! These are by no means all of the ones I had, but some of my favorites. I definelty prefer desserty flavors as you will notice.

Most of these are pretty BIG bars. Can probably be enough for a meal for a lot of people. On my weight gain journey they are more like snacks :) Here we go!

This is my new favorite as of now. What's not to love about cake batter?? 320 calories and a whopping 24g of protein. It  does have that vanilla protein powder taste but I actually kinds like that. It's super soft and has white chocolatey coating. 

Anything peanut butter flavored is always a win in my opinion! Soft and chewy, tons of protein, 310 calories, and overall YUM! 

This is more like a dessert than a meal! It reminds me of those Keebler wafer cookies covered in chocolate. But this is a little better for you :) They come in all kinds of different flavors too. This one is peanut butter fudge and so good. 200 calories and 13g of protein.

Notice a peanut butter theme here... Add in some chocolate and you can't lose. This was the first PRO BAR I had and really liked it. 290 calories and 20g protein.

I am loving these Clif Builder's lately. Chocolate chip is my favorite flavor but they come in a lot more. 270 calories and 20g protein. A "harder" bar, with like a rice krispyish layer and a protein layer, all covered in chocolate.

Ok, this is a HUGE bar. 400 calories and 31g of protein. This is crispy apple pie flavor. It had white chocolate on the bottom, a rice krispyish layer, and then an ooey gooey apple layer. YUM!

Smaller bar here. 210 calories but still 20g protein. I really like this but if def has that protein powder flavor. It's a really soft bar which is my favorite kind. A nice change from all the chocolate bars out there.

This is more of a granola bar rather than a protein bar.  250 calories but only 9g of protein. BUT it tastes like a soft oatmeal cookie! 

Peanut butter cookiedough...sounds delish right?!? Meh, not so great. This is the loser of the bunch. It had a very fakey peanut butter flavor with an undesirable after taste. :(

I found most of these at the local grocery store, Giant Eagle. You can also get a lot of then online at
I like it because you can order just 1 of a lot od the bars to see if you like it. They also have allll kinds of other products.

Do you eat protein bars??
What's your favortie kind?


  1. I haven't heard of a bunch of these bars! I'm definitely going to have to go look some of them up! I always like to keep one or two in my purse/glove compartment in case I'm ever caught starving somewhere with only a McDonalds in sight!

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