Saturday, May 24, 2014

Smart Shake Review

Yesterday I went to a Health and Fitness Expo with the husband.  I love going to those kind of things!! I always discover new products, companies, and tasty things to eat and drink! This year I was not disappointed with what was there.  

I was extra excited because I recently had some networking cards made.
If there was a company with products that interested me, I would just hand them a card and tell them a little about my blog and YouTube channel.  I came across a booth with shaker bottles all over the place and it really caught my eye! I was glad I had my cards because after chatting with the guy and handing him a card, he graciously handed me a shaker bottle in exchange for a review! 
The company is called Smart Shake.  Now, you might think all shaker bottles are the same...not true! These are extra special shakers! 
Of course, I got myself a bright pink one.  I have never seen such a perfect colored shaker! 

So what sets these bottles apart from the thousands of other ones out there?! I will show you!
The bottle divides into three parts.  A bottom storage area, a middle section which is divided into 4 little parts, and the top part which is actually where you keep your shake.  
In the bottom part you can put some extra money, your car keys, gym tag, or whatever else you might want with you in the gym! This way, all you need to take with you is this bottle! The middle section is nicely divided so that you can put all your vitamins, supplements, headache reliever, fat burners, metabolism enhancers, or whatever else you might want to have handy.  

Don't need to keep a bunch of pills with you? You can take the divider out and put whatever you want in there!  Some granola, nuts, more protein powder, a pack of gum...anything really! 
 Maybe you have a shake made in the top part, but you are doing an extra long workout and you think you might want another shake to get through it.  Not a problem! Just fill the bottom part with another scoop of protein power and it's ready when you are! 
If you don't want to mix up your shake yet, you can just keep the protein powder in the bottom for when you are ready.  Then just dump the powder into the shaker, add your liquid, and boom! Protein shake!

Also, I don't know about you, but those little shaker balls are kinda annoying.  Always rattling around...No noise with this awesome shaker! 
There is a neat snap on mixer that you can leave in or take out if you don't need it. 

Don't need the middle storage? Just leave it at home and screw on the bottom!
So maybe you don't need so bring any pills, extra protein powder, or anything else with you...No problem.

Just unscrew the bottom two parts and take the top shaker part with you! 
It really is the perfect size too.  Most bottles are way too big in my opinion.  You usually only want to add about 8oz of water to a shake and this bottle is just the right size!

 If your extra compartments are filled with snacks, pills, and protein powder, you can just snap your keys and gym tag onto the convenient little carabiner! 
And you thought all shaker bottles were the same...

One of the things I really love about these is all the fun colors they come in! Not only that, but the parts are all interchangeable so you can make yourself a rainbow bottle! These are also dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! 
Even though I am sure you have a shelf full of shaker bottles at home, I am quite certain you don't have one as amazing as the Smart Shaker!! There are a few different series of these bottles but are each about $12.99 or less. Check out their list of resellers and go buy yourself one! Or two, or three...these would make great gifts!


  1. I love your networking cards! They look amazing! This protein shaker looks so cool, too. I love the different compartments :)

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