Friday, May 23, 2014

Broccoli Pancakes

I know what you're thinking!! Broccoli Pancakes?! Bleh! Trust me! These are amazing! Would it help if I just called them Broccoli Cakes?! Think about it...I bet you eat crab cakes! If you saw crab pancakes on a breakfast menu, you would probably be hesitant to order them, but you would order crab cakes! So let's not get all caught up on what we want to call this awesome creation!
Pancakes don't just have to be the plain, white, and somewhat boring breakfast food we are used to! They can be savory or sweet! I guarantee these are better for you than a mix from a box!

Like I said, you can make these sweet or savory.  I have had them both ways and they loved each and every bite! I know some people have a hard time with the green color but I think it makes them pretty :) I seriously can't wait til St. Patrick's Day when everyone is dying to make these!

All you will need is...
Broccoli (frozen or fresh), protein powder (unflavored or vanilla), egg substitute, baking powder, and salt! 
**Experiment with other protein flavors too! I had one person tell me they made them with chocolate and another used cake batter! They were both very happy with the results!

If using fresh broccoli just chop it up and steam it.  If using frozen, just steam it! Then drain it and get as much liquid out as possible.  It is best if you can let it sit for a while, but I just used some paper towel to suck up as much liquid as possible.  

Throw the broccoli and egg into a blender and mix til smooth. 
You could add the rest of the ingredients to the blender too, but I used a small single serve cup and it wouldn't all fit.  

Put the broccoli and egg puree into a bowl and stir in the remaining ingredients.  
If you want to go the savory route, you can add some chopped veggies, or any other spices you like! I bet even some shredded cheese would be tasty!

The batter will be a little thick, but just cook these like regular pancakes.  If it seems way too thick, just add a little more egg.  Protein powders all mix up differently so just make it the consistency you like.
Lookin good to me!! I love how thick they get!

Now seriously! Do those look tempting or what?? Even if you are not sure, you know you want to try them just out of curiosity! I am 99.9% you will love them!!
Talk about a good for you breakfast! I know we all get hung up on using the term "healthy" but I am pretty sure no one would argue that pancakes made with an entire bag of broccoli are quite healthy!

This whole stack of 8 cakes is only 240 calories! Very low fat, very low carb, and tons of protein! Of course they are very customizable too! Add more egg and protein, or less broccoli, or cheese and onion, make them sweet, or savory...You can really make them fit your needs! 
So soft and hearty! Such a great way to get some more greens into your diet too! I don't know about you, but I would much rather eat a stack of pancakes instead of a bowl of broccoli! YUM! 

Oh, and if you're feeling really can follow this same recipe and use cauliflower instead of broccoli!!!! Yup, delicious too! I will be sure to make a post next time I have Cauliflower Pancakes!!

Broccoli Pancakes
  • 1.5 cups steamed broccoli (255g)
  • 1 scoop unflavored or vanilla protein powder (30g)
  • 6 T egg substitute (92g)
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • dash of salt
  • any other seasonings or chopped veggies you may like!

1. Steam and drain broccoli.
2. Dry as good as possible. 
3. Add egg and broccoli to food processor or blender and puree smooth.
4. Add other remaining ingredients and mix well.
5. Cook like regular pancakes.
6. Enjoy! 
Stack of 8 Pancakes
240 calories
1g Fat
6g Carb
33g Protein 


  1. Did you weigh the broccoli before or after steaming? If it was after do you know the what the weight would be for fresh broccoli before steaming?

    1. After. Sorry, I do not know the raw weight...