Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Wave Enviro Products - Litter Free Lunch Kit

I sometimes work very long days.  It is not all that rare for me to leave the house at 5:30am and not get home until after 7pm.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but that is a long time to be away from home.  The problem isn't so much being away from home, but being away from my refrigerator and pantry! I would absolutely consider myself a picky eater.  I would also consider myself a very healthy eater! For these reasons, I always, and I mean always, pack my food for the day.  Notice I said food, and not lunch! That's right, I will pack breakfast, lunch, snacks, and sometimes even dinner for the day.  I do this mainly so that I can have the food I want with me, but also because it is much cheaper than eating out for every meal. 

I know, I am rambling...anywho...I stumbled upon a company called New Wave Enviro Products.  I was looking for a new lunchbox and their website popped up.  I emailed them and the wonderful company sent me a litter free lunch kit to have in exchange for a review!
This super colorful lunchbox comes with all the tupperware you would need to pack whatever you might want for the day. Don't worry guys, they have manly ones too!

I seriously love that print!! So fun! The kids I nanny for are going to be so jealous :)
How awesome is that?! There are two little snack sized containers, a medium sized one, and a nice big deep one.  Also comes with the perfect sized water bottle!

Check out the inside.  It is the perfect size.  I will have plenty of room for all my food.  It is not obnoxiously big though so I don't feel like I am packing for a family of four!
  Completely insulated and even has a little pouch to store napkins, silverware, salt and pepper packets, a granola bar, or whatever else you may want!

 As I mentioned before, I don't just pack my lunch for work.  I pretty much always pack my breakfast too.  I don't like to eat before my early morning workout, so I always eat once I get to work.  I got my cereal in one tupperware (which can double as a bowl later) and some cut up strawberries stored seperately (don't want to mix them with the cereal quite yet)
The little bottle is perfect for my almond milk!! I know what you're thinking...don't worry, I did the leak test!
It passed with flying colors! Nothing worse than having liquid leak all through your bag...Been there! Not fun! No worries with this bottle. I even shook it up real good just to be sure.  Not a single drop escaped.

Ready for a snack? I love that there are different sized containers.  Just a handful of banana chips and a bunch of pretzels will be perfect to get me through the day.  
Normally I would just use little baggies for my snacks...but when I think about, that's pretty wasteful! Seriously, packing all that food every single day...that's a lot of bags being thrown away!  I know they aren't really expensive or anything, but it all adds up.  
 Why not invest a little in one of these litter free lunch kits and have containers you can use over and over again??  They are dishwasher safe too :) How perfect does that look? Notice my toddler utensils (not included) Yes, I use those on a regular basis...I call them my "travel size" utensils :) Remember, I am a nanny!! It's ok for me to use pink child's silverware!

 Here is a great example of an awesome lunch I might have.  A big salad, pretzels, strawberries, and some vanilla almonds.  Got my drink ready to go too! The kids and I eat lunch at the park a lot during the summer so this will be perfect! No more brown bagging it for me.
We already tested the bottle for leaks, but what about the containers? What if I want to pack some dressing for my salad?
No need to worry! These stay sealed to ensure not only a litter free lunch, but a mess free lunch too!

I love how everything fits in there perfectly!
Even with an ice pack in there, I have room for more! I could easily toss in a few protein bars and an apple in there.  Nice and roomy. 

This great company also has a line of BPA free bottles, water filter systems, and and stainless steel bottles and containers.  If you already pack your lunch, you should try one of these litter free lunch kits.  Get rid of those little baggies and ugly brown paper bags!! If you don't pack your lunch, you really need to start! It is a great way to save some money and you can always be sure you have a healthy and tasty lunch for the day :) Go here and see if they are sold in stores near you.  If not, you can simply buy one online. 

I am actually excited for work on Monday just because I want to pack another lunch in my new bag! 

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