Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bare Snacks Review

I love apples!! I eat at least one a day.  An apple a days keeps the doctor away!! Not really sure how true that is, but apples are super tasty.  I was pretty excited when I discovered Bare Snacks.  They have all kinds of apple chips! They also have new coconut chips and dried fruits like mango and apricots.  It was the apple chips that really caught my attention though.  I was so thankful when they sent me some samples to try!
One big bag and one single serve bag.  These chips are just like eating a real apple! All organic and natural :) The company is based in Washington State, right in the heart of apple country!

 I could not wait to rip open this bag.  
Sea salt caramel apple chips!! Oh my amazing does that sound?!  These are going to make a great on-the-go snack! Perfectly packaged and no mess! I always pack my lunch for work and love finding new and fun snacks to include.  
The flavor in these chips was awesome.  I could taste the apple, caramel, and just the right hint of saltiness.  I have had lots of apple chips before but never with a flavor combo like these.  
How about a close up? I love how crunchy these are.  You aren't going to find any other chips as healthy as these.  They are baked to perfection.  Not freeze dried or fried like some apple snacks out there.  

Onto the big bag.  If you follow my blog you will probably notice that about 90% of my recipes have cinnamon in them! That is because cinnamon is wonderful!
Apples and cinnamon is such a great combo! Super crunchy again.  I love that there is skin left on the chips.  That is where most of the goodness is, right?!  They are made from real, organic apples, so it makes sense that there would be skin still on them. 
These chips also come in Fuji Red, Granny Smith, and Chile Lime flavor. I would say I got to try the two best kinds.
 I will take this over a bowl of greasy potato chips any day!!

I love that checklist! 
Awesome nutrition facts too.  Only 90 calories, fat free, and lots of fiber! Nothing wrong with some natural sugars :) 
Notice the ingredient list...short and sweet.  Only two ingredients and no added anything! Just a bag of all natural goodness.

I did not get to try the coconut chips, but I am sure they are amazing too! They come in super fun flavors like simply toasted, show me the honey, sweet 'n heat, chocolate bliss, and sea salt caramel.  I am gonna have to give those a try for sure!!

I have seen the apple chips in regular grocery stores before, but if you can't find them near you, just order some online. I highly suggest you give these a try.  I am so glad I did :)


  1. I LOVE these too! Great snack. Just discovered your blog via ig... love how low cal/fat your recipes are. Trying zucchini pancakes tonight. Going to use egg whites instead of substitute because that's what I have.

    1. So glad I found them!! Hope you love the zucchini pancakes as much as I do! I just had a batch this morning :) Egg white should work just fine.

  2. It did! They were AMAZING!! I topped them with raspberry greek yogurt. BEST protein pancake recipe I've found by far!!!