Saturday, May 10, 2014

LesserEvil Review

I love going to the grocery store! If I have the time, I like browsing up and down the aisles in search of new yummy and healthy snacks. I was walking through the chip aisle not expecting to find anything that interested me. Sorry, but greasy potato chips just don't appeal to me...I came across a bag with the name LesserEvil written across the top. Ok, interested now... Took a closer look. 
Those are some promising ingredients!! This seemed perfect for me! Did I buy the new snacks?? No. What I did was I contacted the company requesting some samples in exchange for a review. Ask and you shall recieve! Well, most of the time anyhow...
What a generous company! The box arrived a few days later and was huge! There are 5 full sized bags of snacks in there! I couldn't wait to get tasting!

This company sounds amazing! All their products are gluten free and certified organic. I saw a new label on their bags that I had never seen before EC Free! Empty Calorie Free! How cool is that! It means that only use the best, clean ingredients that are packed with nutrients! Lots of other chip like products claim to be healtier alternatives to regular potato chips. Be careful though!! Just because something is healthier doesn't mean it's healthy!!! LesserEvil snacks really are!

I was most excited about the Super 4 Roasted Red Pepper snacks because those were the same ones that struck my fancy in the store. I didn't even request them! They must be psychics too...woah...
How fun do those look?!? Loving these already. They look like little mac and cheese bites. Super crunchy though.
These were beyond amazing!! Anyone who know me knows that I am a big time snacker. I would rather have a big bowl of crunchy snacks rather than a "real meal" for dinner any day! 
I know you shouldn't play with your food but I couldn't resist. You know your kids would love these mini telesopes :) Seriously so yummy though! The flavor is spot on! Only 110 calories for a very generous portion! 3.5F 18C 3P.  These also come in Kale & Roasted Garlic and Cheesy Nacho.

Another type of snack they have is called Chia Crisps. They reminded me of mini rice cakes or pop chips. Which I love!
Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about these flavors. As a product reviewer I am always worried I won't like products that I try. I hate giving negative reviews on companies that are so generous...I am always honest though and went into these with an open mind!
They smelled good!! Still I was leary... I actually despise olives and feta!! Uh oh!! I decided to be bold and try those first.
Ya know what?!?! I actually really liked them!!! I don't know how to explain it but the taste was really unique and I enjoyed it!! I probably wouldn't buy a whole bag for myself just because I could taste the olive flavor, but these will not be wasted!! And if you do like olives you will LOVE these!! 

Now I do really like pickles. But as a crunchy snack?! Skeptical, but open minded!
So good!!! I will share the olive and feta ones with the husband but these are mine! They were salty and crunchy and definetly had a pickly taste, but it worked so well together! You arnt't going to find these fun flavors anywhere else! Each serving is only 110 calories  3.5F 19C 4P and you get a lot! I am a volume eater for sure so these are perfection!  You can also get these in JalapeƱo White Cheddar or Southern Barbeque.  

Lastly I got to try some popcorn from their line of Chia Pop. They sent Aged White Cheddar and Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper.  Also available in Classic Theater Style.
Popcorn made with chia seed?! How great is that! You would never know by looking at it!
I am pretty sure everyone loves cheddar popcorn! As soon as I tore into this bag I could smell the cheesey goodness. 
By far the best cheddar popcorn I have ever had! No lie! The flavor was simply perfect! I can't wait to settle in for a movie tonight with a big bowl of this! Way better than movie theater popcorn! And WAY better for you! 100 calories 4.5F 17C 3P.  Very macro friendly!! That is for 2.5 cups worth of popcorn! Calling all volume eaters :)

I ended my snack fest with a taste of the black pepper popcorn. You can literally see the specs of pepper in there!
I gotta be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this flavor :( I simple don't like pepper. I never cook with it and don't use it on my food at all. But if you like pepper you will love this for sure! Same nutritional info as the cheddar popcorn. Love the consistency! 

Who does like pepper?! My husband! As soon as he got home I shoved the bowl in his face and said "Try this now!!"
Soooo, about half the bag is gone...Ha, we finally got the watch the new season premiere of 24 and he snacked on this while we watched Jack :) So it may not have been my cup of tea, but the hubby gave it two thumbs up!!

I am so glad I discovered this company! And even more glad because they sell their snacks in regular grocery stores! If you can't find them near you just order some online

I couldn't decide what to pack in my lunch for the next day so I gave myself two of my new delicious snacks!
Can't wait til lunchtime tomorrow!!!


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