Friday, May 2, 2014

Navitas Naturals Review

I love finding new and healthy snacks! I also love finding new products that I can use in my recipes :)  I am so glad I discovered Navitas Naturals! They are known as the Superfood Company and they absolutely live up to the name.  Some of the products they sell are nuts and seeds, dried fruit, acai, cacao, chia, gogi, flax, wheatgrass, pomegrante, trail mix, and a whole line of power snacks.  Honestly, I have never tried a lot of these types of foods so I was very excited when they sent me some samples to taste and review!
I knew I was going to be using the cacao powder in some of my favorite chocolatey recipes.  The dragon fruit slices sounded so fun and unique! Anything with a name like power snack was going to be perfect for me. 

I was thrilled to find out that this company is family owned! My parents own and operate a cookie business so I am a huge supporter of family run companies.  Their products are all organic, nutrient rich whole foods which are minimally processed to preserve all the goodness!

I tried the citrus chia superfood snacks first! All of their products are gluten free which is always an added bonus. 
One serving of these tasty treats has 120 calories 6.4F 15C 2P.  The ingredients are all natural and include things like raisins, dates, cashews, apricots, and chia.  No added sugar or artificial anything!
The texture of these is amazing!! Look at all the stuff in there! You can literally see all the seeds, nuts and fruit.  They were so soft and chewy and sweet! 
I love that they are all different sizes too.  Big ones, medium sized ones, and tiny bite sized ones.  Such a great snack for on the go.  They are filling will definetly keep you going for a while.  

I eat a lot of dried fruit, but I have never had anything as fun as dragon fruit slices! Each serving has 110 calories 1F 22C 2P.  Just check out that color! Gorgeous!!
These were amazing! 
They were nice and chewy and super sweet. They are coated in little black seeds that give this snack a nice little crunch too. 
I found out they get the fruit to make these from Thailand. How exotic!
The package suggested making a trail mix with this. Great idea!  
I made myself a super tasty and nutritious little sampler platter of dragon fruit slices, almonds, and some banana chips. Yum!!  These are going to be great in my lunches. 

Now for some baking! I am quite familiar with using cocoa powder, but have never actually used cacao powder...Turns out cocoa powder is usually processed, but this cacao is milled at a very low temperature to protect the nutrients and flavor :) I learned something new!
It smelled amazing!! So chocolatey!

I started out with a simple snack.  I mixed the cacao powder with some plain nonfat greek yogurt.
Sliced up some fresh strawberries for dipping and I was one happy girl!

This powder made something so simple into something so amazing!
Wow, just wow! The flavor is so much better than any other cocoa powder I have ever tried. 

 Since it was breakfast time, I decided pancakes were the perfect thing to make with my new ingredient.  Not just any pancakes, but my chocolate pumpkin pancakes! This recipe doesn't normally use cocoa powder but I knew it would be good to make them extra chocolatey. 
These might have been the best pancakes I ever made!! The powder mixed up so easily.  The chocolate flavor combined with the pumpkin was out of this world.  I know what I am using in all of my chocolatey recipes from now on!!

I am so happy that I stumbled upon this company! There is just one problem...I don't know what to try next! Maybe the dried golden berries, or the gogi cashews...the blueberry hemp power snacks sound awesome...I am sure cacao butter and cacao nibs would be great additions to my baking pantry...

I have seen some of these products in my local grocery store, but if you can't find them, simply go online and order some! You will not be disappointed! 

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  1. I love using my cacao powder from them too! But the dragonfruit I have ALWAYS wanted to try. Mmm, looks great, and those chia snacks!

    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.