Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Oatmeal Review

Oatmeal is such a great thing!! It's super healthy and so versatile.  You can eat a bowl of it for breakfast and you can bake all sorts of yummy treats with it! Cookies, bars, muffins... I got the opportunity to volunteer to do a review for a great oatmeal company. Free oatmeal?! Sign me up! The company is called MyOatmeal.  They have such a great concept.  You go online and create your very own oatmeal flavor! Every order is custom made.  Any flavor you can think of, you can make! Seriously! S'mores, apple pie, blueberry cheesecake, oatmeal raisin cookie, double fudge peanut butter brownie, and so many more!

I kept it somewhat simple and ordered carrot cake and red velvet cake.
These are huge bags by the way! Each bag has 11+ servings.  The ingredients list is super simple. Oats and natural flavors.  

You can add basically anything to your own order.  Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and sweeteners.  You can also choose between quick oats, 5 grain rolled oats and flax, steel cut oats, smash blend oats, gluten free, and organic gluten free thick rolled oats.  I like quick oats the best, especially when I use them in baking.  

First up was the carrot cake oatmeal.  It smelled amazing! I could smell the carrot cake goodness as soon as I opened the resealable bag.  I knew I was in for a real treat. I kept my first meal with the oats pretty simple.  
Just a nice warm bowl of carrot cake oatmeal.  I just cooked the oats with water for 1:30.  I then stirred in a little unsweetened almond milk and a little fat free cream cheese.  After all, what is carrot cake without the cream cheese?! I topped it off with a drizzle of sugar free syrup.  
Amazing!!! I felt like I was eating carrot cake! Only this is way better for you :) So glad I ordered this flavor.  

Now for the red velvet cake.  Once again, I kept is somewhat simple so I could get the flavor of the oats.  
I cooked the oats the same way with only water.  No added milk this time but I did top this bowl off with some fat free reddi whip! 
Dessert in an bowl!!  I don't know exactly what they added to make this flavor, but they sure know what they are doing! Wow, just wow!

After enjoying some oats the "normal" way, I decided to have a little more fun.  We all know I love pancakes, I have made just about every flavor pancake you can imagine.  So of course I was going to make some carrot cake pancakes.
I just mixed 1 cup of the oats (40g) with 1 cup pureed carrots (240g), 3 T egg substitute (46g), 1 scoop cinnamon protein powder (30g), 1/2 t baking powder, 1 t cinnamon, a dash of salt, and some sweetener. 

Cooked them up like regular pancakes and boom!
That is one awesome breakfast!! Or lunch, dinner, snack, dessert...These were so good I could eat them any time! I have made carrot cake pancakes before, but these made my other ones seem like store bought frozen ones (ok, not that bad...) 

I had one more fun idea in mind...How about some Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches!?
Complete with cream cheese filling! These were soooo good!! I ground up the oatmeal into oat flour to make these delicious treats.  Perfection!! Check out my video to make some of these for yourself.  You will be glad you did :)

They turned out so good that I made a batch to eat plain too. 
These cookies are healthy, low fat, low carb, high protein and just plain yummy! 

I am so glad I got the chance to review some products from MyOatmeal!!  Such a great company.  I love them even more now because I found out it is run by a husband and wife! How cute is that?! You can really tell they put their heart and soul into this business!

I highly suggest you go order some.  Make sure you set aside a bit of time before you go to their site because you may be a little overwhelmed when you see all the flavor possibilities!! Seriously, I wanted to order so much more! As soon as I finish off these two bags (which won't take long) I think I want to try cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake :) 

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