Thursday, June 12, 2014

Somersault Snack Co.

One of the many reason why I love blogging is that I get the opportunity to try and review some really awesome products! I recently got a very generous box of goodies from Somersault Snack Co
I have done quite a few product reviews, and this is the first company to include such a nice note! Love the fun and bright packaging too!! 

Somersault Snack's most important ingredient is sunflower seeds, which I love!! It is a great alternative to nuts and who doesn't love a pretty sunflower??
I got so many snacks to try! I had no idea they had so many fun flavors! I couldn't wait to try everything.  

I love the different sized bags too.  Big bags for people who like to share.  Medium bags perfect for on the go.  Little single serving bags great for tasting!
I decided to try the pacific sea salt flavor first.  With so many choices, I decided it was best to start with the simplest ones.  

Perfect little bite sized pieces! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I really enjoy tiny things.  They are just more fun and it always seems like you are getting more.
These were very tasty! Salty and crunchy.  I could really taste the sunflower seeds in these!

Dutch cocoa! Yes please! Anything chocolate is usually a winner in my opinion.
Loved the flavor of these chocolatey nuggets! They had just the right amount of sweetness.  They just kind of melt in your mouth after you crunch into them!

I was a little hesitant about the santa fe salsa...I do NOT like spicy stuff so I was worried they would be too hot for me! I had my husband be the guinea pig with these...
After he assured me that they were not spicy, I popped one in my mouth.  So good!! A teeny tiny bit of a bite, but if I can handle it, anyone can! They reminded me of BBQ chips, which are probably my favorite flavor chip.  Of course these are way better for you than any potato chip!

During my own personal tasting party, I decided to bust out some little portion cups.  Just more fun this way! Also, made me think how perfect these would be for an actual party or get together!!
Next up were the cinnamon crunch bites.  I absolutely love cinnamon so I was quite sure these were going to get a thumbs up.  Let's make that two thumbs up! These are probably my favorite out of all the flavors.  Sweet, crunchy, and simply delicious!

The only bad thing about so many great flavors is that I don't know which ones to put in my lunch for tomorrow!!
Luckily there is room for a couple bags! Chances are I will end up eating both of them!!

The only flavor left to try was the salty pepper.  I saved this for last because I was pretty sure I wasn't really going to like it.  I actually really dislike pepper...I never cook with it or put it on my food...I wanted to be sure I did a really good review so I tried them anyway.
Surprisingly, I didn't run for a napkin!! Ha, they were not overly peppery by any means.  Not my top choice, but still had a great flavor and crunch.  If you like pepper even a little bit, I am sure you will love these :)

So there ya have it!! All five flavors, taste tested and approved!! I absolutely love finding new, tasty, and healthy snacks.  These definitely meet my criteria! 
The nutritional facts vary a bit depending on the flavor.  The pacific sea salt ones are 150 calories per servings.  8g fat, 14g carb, and 6g protein.  
These yummy morsels have more antioxidants than blueberries, more protein than almonds, and more fiber than an apple! Talk about a great snack!!

I almost forgot to mention what else they sent!
I don't know if they are psychic or what, but somehow they knew about my little chapstick addiction!! This is some high quality stuff! I am very picky about what I put on my lips!

It is really hard not to smile when someone is taking a picture of you using chapstick...and really hard to put on chapstick when you are smiling...
Chapstick problems...

I really recommend trying some of these amazing snacks! I have seen them in many local grocery stores which is always great! If you can't find them near you, just order some online.  Best part is, they have 100% satisfaction guarantee! Try it and if you don't like it, they will replace it for something else or simply give you a refund.  What have you got to lose?! Nothing, nothing is the answer!! 

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  1. I loved the salty pepper ones! Perfect size and texture, peppery flavor is just right. I will be trying some new flavors to enjoy with a glass of wine!