Saturday, June 21, 2014

Protein Bakery NZ

Two things I love...protein and cookies! My parents own a cookie bakery so I started baking and tasting at a very early age! Let's just say I know my cookies! I also love baking with protein powder.  I am a vegetarian and it is such a great way to get more protein into my diet without just drinking protein shakes all the time.  I would much rather eat a protein cookie instead of drinking a shake.  I was very excited when I stumbled across The Protein Bakery. I was even more excited when they sent me a huge box of goodies to try and review! This company was established in 2005 and is based in Wellington, New Zealand.  Right now they mainly ship to New Zealand and Australia. They are working with a site called Netrition and should be distributing to the states by late July 2014! However, If you contact them now, they will be happy to help you place an order. 
So many treats to try! I was blown away by the generosity of this company! I will be eating cookies for a long time.  And yes, I am perfectly OK with that!

They have so many different flavors, sizes, and types of cookies.  
These seem to be their most popular cookies.  They are the biggest and come in flavors like raspberry 'n' white chocolate, chocolate chip, ginger 'n' spice, mochaccino, and chocolate fudge. These remind me of those Grandma's Cookies that you can buy individually packaged.  Main difference is that these are much better for you! The macros vary a little depending on the flavor but are around 240 calories, 15g protein, 12g fat, and 5g carb.  And yes, they taste great!!

I love these low carb cookies.  Each one has about 190 calories,12g protein, 10g fat, and 5g carb.  The caramel flavor was my favorite!
These are such a nice alternative to all the protein bars I eat! Don't get me wrong, I love my protein bars, but I really love cookies that are packed with protein! 

They also have a mini LO CARB cookie.  These are the perfect size for a snack.  They come in flavors like double chocolate chip and white chocolate caramel. Yum!
These cookies are so soft and only 3 carbs a piece! 

You can also get bags of Protein Minis.  I love that they are still all individually packaged!
I hate when I open a bag of something, don't eat it all right away, and then half the bag gets stale.  Don't have to worry about that with these cookies!  Chocolate chip and raspberry 'n' chocolate!

They also sent me a ton of individually wrapped cookies in just about every flavor you can imagine! I was very excited for the epic tasting party that was about to take place. Here we have chocolate chip, peanut butter, caramel white chocolate, and chocolate fudge. 
These were all super soft! The chocolate chip and caramel white chocolate ended up being two of my overall favorites! The chocolate fudge had chunks all through it that gave it a great texture.  

The peanut butter one had peanut pieces and little chewy peanut butter chunks throughout.  
Of course I had to try putting peanut butter on my peanut butter cookie! I may have a slight obsession with the stuff... This was amazing!

I had to stop myself from eating the whole plate.  
I had more tasting to do!
Here we have some vegan options! Gotta love that.  There is vegan vanilla spelt, vegan brownie, and a vegan vanilla bean shortbread.
The vegan treats were not quite as soft as the first plate and a little chewier.  The vanilla spelt cookie had such a great vanilla flavor!

Of course, shortbread is supposed to be a little bit of a harder cookie.  Flavor was spot on! 
 This would be great with a cup of coffee!   

I decided to get a little creative with the brownie.  
I warmed it up in the microwave for about 8 seconds and topped it with some fat free cream cheese.  Talk about a guilt free dessert! 

Yes, there is more!! I call these the "crazy" flavors! How about lemon chia, chia seed honey, cocoa coconut, vegan macaroon cacao coconut, black forest superfruits, and almond amore?
The almond amore had an amazing flavor!! It was a little crunchy on the outside and then it literally just melted in your mouth! This one easily made my top 3 list!

The chia seed honey and black forest superfruits are considered breakfast cookies.  

I can see why! These would make a great breakfast.  Very hearty with big chunks of nuts and seeds.  These were a chewier cookie and had just the right amount of sweetness.  
The lemon chia was the softest cookie out of the bunch!
 I usually don't like lemony things but the lemon flavor was quite subtle and quite nice! 

You could actually see all the coconut flakes in the cacao coconut cookie.
Really nice flavor! The coconut and chocolate go really well together!

I was starting to get pretty full from all the tasting, but I knew there one more thing I had to try!
Who doesn't love milk and cookies?! Especially when they are packed with protein, have healthy fats from the goodness of almonds, are high in fiber and calcium, are wheat and gluten free, and have no aspartame, no artificial colorings, and no preservatives!

I will definitely be packing some of these in my lunchbox daily! 
With so many great flavors, it is going to be really hard to decide which one to eat first! 

Oh, and did I mention puppies love them too!
Don't worry, she did not consume any chocolate :)

Since I received such a generous box of goodies, I decided I could share a few with my husband. 
Thumbs up from the hubby!

This is what was left after the initial tasting party.  
Don't worry though, we will continue to taste and enjoy all these cookies! No bits or morsels will go to waste!

 I highly recommend checking out the Protein Bakery! They truly are a great company with a great product! Now I am off to eat more cookies...
Thank you Protein Bakery!


  1. Are you serious?

    They tasted horrible, very sweet and dry. To expensive. But I guess everyone has a different taste, for sure I wont buy again.

    1. I will admit they are not as good as a "real" cookie! But knowing that they are a protein cookie, I thought they had a good flavor and texture. They also freeze great so I have them for a long time. Some flavors were a little dry but I found that microwaving them helped.

    2. Have you tried Quest bar? they are 20g of protein per bar and taste really good. Yes if you put on microwave it might "help" but they are suppose to be snack on the go and we don't always find a microwave handy on the street haha

    3. Have I tried Quest Bars?!?! Ha, totally addicted!! Love them!!!!