Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quest Creation - Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

It is no secret that I LOVE Quest Bars!
Some may even call it an obsession...

Anywho...they are delicious, good for you, and you can just do so much with them! Most people think you just eat a protein bar out of the wrapper.  Wrong!! How about turning one into some Strawberry Cheesecake Bites!?
Now you see why I love these bars so much! What other protein bar can you turn into such an amazing and healthy treat!?

These are so simple too!
You just need a strawberry cheesecake bar, fat free cream cheese, sugar free strawberry jam, and vanilla.
*You can make this with other flavors bars too! Get creative!

Take the Quest Bar, unwrap it, and place it on a microwave safe plate. If you have some parchment paper it is helpful to put the bar in that.  Less sticky.
Microwave for about 10-15 seconds.  Just long enough to make it soft enough to work with.

Get whatever size baking dishes you want and coat with nonstick spray.  You could make one big dessert, but I chose two smaller ones. 
Just mold the softened bar into the dish! Easy!

Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes or until they are just a little brown around the edges.
Perfect! Let them cool a bit and then pop them out of the baking dishes.  They may stick a bit so I just run a knife along the edges.  

Make sure they are nice and cool before adding the filling.
We will mix up the cream cheese while they cool a little longer. 

All you need is fat free cream cheese and vanilla. You can add a little sweetener if you like too. I mixed up a whole batch of this, but will only use about 4 tablespoons. 
Is is also really good as a bagel spread, on rice cakes, or as a dip for all kinds of things!

Just fill your baked Quest cups with some of the cream cheese mixture and top with jam.  
So simple and so amazingly delicious! Best part is that these little desserts are quite healthy! They are sweet and creamy and packed with protein!

The first bite is heavenly! I made two of these treats so I could share with my husband...
I ate both of them...sorry not sorry!!

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you have not tried Quest Bars yet, I highly recommend it! You can order some online here or buy from health stores like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.
You know you want to make these!

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Quest Bar
  • 4 T fat free cream cheese (66g)
  • 1 T sugar free jam (18g)
  • 1/4 t vanilla
  1. Unwrap bar, place on microwave safe plate.
  2. Microwave 10-15 seconds or until soft enough to mold.
  3. Spray baking dishes with nonstick spray.
  4. Press softened bar into dish.
  5. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.
  6. Let cool.
  7. Mix together cream cheese and vanilla.  
  8. Fill Quest cups with cream cheese mixture and to with jam.
  9. Enjoy!
230 calories for both bites
 5g Fat
 35g Carb
 28g Protein

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