Friday, May 31, 2013

No more workout funk!

For a while, a long while, I have been in a workout funk! All i would do everyday was cardio cardio cardio! An excessive amount. ED played a huge role in my workout choices! He is still in my head when it comes to exercise but he is much quieter :)

I am beginning to actually believe I don't have to be the skinniest anymore! I want to be strong and healthy and whatever size my body should be. Love this new tank top! Wearing it today for positive thinking.

I am learning that I don't need to workout for 2 hours a day, or even everyday for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good workout and do it most days. But I have wasted a lot of time and missed out on other fun things because I had to work out!!
I am doing a few 5k races this summer so I have been trying to run a few times a week. I used to be able to run an hour no problem! I am improving though!

This is where I have to be careful to not over do it. Normally I would just run longer, regardless of if my body was telling me "STOP!". When I feel pain or get a bad cramp I just stop!

I got new fancy shoes which always makes running more fun!

I also ran into this little cutie at the track near my house! I stopped to pet him, luckily he was friendly :)

Besides running I of course still swim...a lot... I really do love my early morning swim.

I know what your thinking... That sounds like a lot of cardio! Well I recently purchased these fun new toys!

Kettle bells are much more fun than weights! At least in my opinion. I have been watching youtube videos to learn cool moves.  

Satchmo enjoys the box they came in.

I have to work on getting some strong arms because I just registered for this Gladiator Race

My good runner/swimmer friend found an awesome deal on Groton. Super excited!

So even though I still favor cardio, I am trying to incorporate other exercises as well! Gotta mix it up a bit!

Have a great Friday :)

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