Wednesday, May 22, 2013



I stumbled across this survey on another blog and thought it might be interesting! Here goes:

a: age

I'm 27 but will be 28 June 1! I feel more like I should be turning 18! Oh well, would rather look and feel young :)

b: bed size

I share a queen with my husband and puggle sadie

Can you say spolied??!

c: chore you dislike

Laundry. Yuck. It is never ending! And dont even get me starte with the ironing... I just wear my clothes wrinkly

d: dogs

I have the best and craziest puggle ever. Sadie! Such a snuggle puggle.

e: essential to your day

Sadly a workout! I love it but need to be able to skip a day here and there. Usually i go for an early morning swim at the gym.

f: favourite color

Pink! The brighter the better

g: gold or silver

Absolutely silver. I told my husband when we were talking about engagment rings that if he got me gold i would say "no"!

h: height

Just about 5.7"

i: interesting fact

I can jump rope on a pogo stick! It is pretty amazing

j: job title

Full time nanny. Went to school to be a teacher. Even if i was offered a job tomorrow, i would keep my job :)

k: kids

Working on that 😉

l: live

Pittsburgh pennsylvania-recently moved back to my childhood town and love it! Cant wait to raise kids right where i grew up.

m: mom's name


n: nicknames

Kimmy, Kiber, Little mermaid.

o: overnight hospital stays

Just once. Crazy high fever and got badly dehydrated. NO FUN

p: pet peeves

1. Rude cashiers

2. When people say "your so skinny, you should eat a cheeseburger" i would never say "your so fat, maybe lay off the donuts?!" Grrr

q: quote from a movie

Oh thats tough! Would have to be from Forest Gump... 

"I just felt like running!"

r: righty or lefty


s: sibling

One sister lori who lives in texas

t: time you wake up

During the week, 5:27. Odd I know but I have my morning routine timed out perfectly. Gets me in the pool at 6. Weekends i TRY to sleep in. Usually up by 8.

u: underwear

Must be comfortable!

v: vegetables you don't like

Not a big fan of celery. I hate the little stringy part. Only way I will eat it is smothered with peanut butter or cream cheese

w: what makes you run late

Nothing! I am always early, sometimes abnoxiously early. Only thing would maybe be traffic or accident. Something blocking my way!

x: x-rays you've had

Of course teeth at the dentist. Chest, toe, wrist, head... But nothing ever broken!

y: yummy food you make

I am an awesome cookie baker. My parents do own a bakery so I learned that from an early age. I love trying new cookie flavors

z: zoo animal favourite

Probably penguins. So silly looking when they waddle.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. This was a fun read! I remeber our conversation about pet peeves. I soo agree! I'm glad we're on the same page with that lol!

    I love the pool picture! I definitely looked to see if I was in the water hahaha!