Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Celebrations!

Even though the weather wasn't exactly the best outdoor picnic/pool/BBQ weather. The hubby and I were still able to have a very nice and somewhat productive weekend. I even helped mow the grass!!! And I actually enjoyed it!

It was a very special weekend and some of you may know?! Memorial Day?! Yes that is a very important day but there was another reason to celebrate??

Jim's 28th Birthday!!

I think Sathmo wanted to give him a birthday kiss... Or lick...

Jim's birthday was Monday, but like any 28 year old, it was a birthday Weekend! His main "gift" was a trip to the casino!

We had a nice lunch down at the Casino and strategized for our blackjack game.

No pictures allowed at the blackjack tables but I will tell you there would not have been many pictures of lots of money... Or lots of poker chips :(

Sooo... We lost all our money!! I had fun and think Jim did too. It was my first time playing blackjack and even though I didn't win big I would do it again.

We went for a nice free walk. We were out of money after all. Pittsburgh was looking beautiful!

We saw the cutest little family of geese! 

FYI do not try to pet the babies! They will bite you! I just couldn't resist, they were soo fluffy!

I was all excited that I actually wore something other than jeans! I have so many cute skirts and dresses but never wear them. Here is proof! No hoodie and jeans for this day. Well jean jacket, but that's different.

I felt a bit like an awful wife by not slaving over a home-made birthday cake... But I did go to Giant Eagle and buy him a yummy little Oreo one :)

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

What was the BEST birthday gift you ever got??

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  1. I was so bummed that the weather was chilly, too! Like what the heck was up with that?! Anyways. I'm glad you and Jim had a nice weekend!! I LOVE the picture of you in a skirt! You're so gorgeous :)