Monday, June 3, 2013

28 and Feelin Great!

This past weekend was filled with birthday fun! My 28th birthday was June 1. Since it happened to fall on a Saturday, that meant I got a whole birthday weekend, instead of just one day!!

It started of with dinner at Outback Steakhouse with the parents and hubby, Jim. I must admit one of my favorite things about going to a restaurant is ordering "fun" drinks. And by fun I mean alcoholic!

  Started off with the margarita trio!

 Followed by a fun fruity martini

Best sweet potato I ever had! Simple, just with a bit of salt but sooo good!! No idea how they cooked/baked it but wow!

I got two surprise gifts from two great friends :)

Jim and I went shopping so I could use my gift card. I usually don't wear hats but this one just fit perfectly! I had to buy it. And of course that meant Jim got one too.

My mom took me for a mani/pedi. So nice to be pampered a little bit.

Don't mind the blue spot on my toe...dropped a chair on it a few weeks back!

Sparkly nails! 

Then off to my favorite new dessert place for some frozen greek yogurt! Soo yummy!

Jim got me two pretty beads for my pandora bracelet! They are the colors of our birthstones. So thoughtful :)

I have an infinity tattoo on my wrist with the same colors. June is actually a much lighter purple-ish but it works! June can also be pearl but they are not really my style.

End the celebration with free ice cream from Friday's!! Candle and all.

This picture really makes me realize how badly I need a haircut! 

It really was a great weekend!! Thanks to everyone who helped make it so wonderful.


  1. I was totally loving your toenails at the pool yesterday and I didn't know if you did them yourself or if you got them done. So CUTE! I am so glad you liked the gift I got you and could get a hat. Yay for a happy birthday weekend!

  2. The couple in the background makes me laugh. Love the birthday post!!!