Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adventure at the Park

There are many reasons why I love my job as a full time nanny. One is that on beautiful days like today, I get to be outside!! The area where I work has one of my favorite parks :)

Everyone loves the rainbow slide! I even go on it. It is sooo fast!

Today we decided to go on an adventure walk and take pictures of the neat and pretty things we saw.

All kinds of pretty and colorful flowers. I love the bright yellow ones.

It was so hot that the flowers even looked wilted from the heat!

We found a bridge so of course we had to cross and see what was in the other side.

Stopped to throw some rocks in the water below.

We found a cool rock wall.

We determined there must be dragons loving in the caves!

There was even steps in the woods to make our hike a little easier.

After our long hike it was so nice to sit and relax by the pond :)

That was about all the heat we could take! After our picnic lunch we may have to chill out in the air conditioning for a bit!! Cannot wait til the pools open :)

I hope everyone is staying cool today but can get outside at least for a few minutes to soak up some vitamin D!


  1. Awww, this post made me so happy! It also made me want to be a nanny. What an awesome and rewarding job! I love all of the pictures. They're so pretty :)

    1. You would be an awesome nanny!! If your career choice falls through it can always be a back up plan!! Days at the park and pool, mac & cheese and gold fish crackers for lunch, even nap time!! Not a bad gig :)