Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a typical work day

For anyone that may not know, I am a nanny and I LOVE my job! I love that I get to be outdoors an do lots of fun stuff. This was our day yesterday.

My day starts pretty early. Older kids quickly off to school so it's just me and a 4 year old. She loooves blueberries so we decided to make muffins for breakfast. 

Kids love to measure, pour, and mix things! They also love to taste test. Curious little creatures! 

We tasted blueberries. Yup, they were good!

In the muffin pan they go.

And done! Soo they LOOK good...but sadly they weren't that great. Very dry, dense, and didn't rise up well.

Random Pinterest recipe fail! Oh well. Onto the next activity. Car wash!!

We did my car first and then onto the little red cars.

Kids love playing with a hose and getting wet! 

After lunch and a nap it was time for the big kids to come home. The high was about 90 so we hurried off to the pool :)

Not a bad way to spend a day at work right?!


  1. Being a nanny sounds like SO much fun!! I would love to do this. Your job sounds awesomeee. I love that you washed the red cars cute.

    1. It really is fun! And the best part is anyone can be a nanny! No nanny degree required :)