Monday, June 10, 2013

Dirty Girl!

Saturday was a super messy day! Messy, but fun! I did a Dirty Girl Mud Run with my cousins.  It was a blast.

Our team name was "Off Like a Prom Dress" I thought it was extremely clever.

It was a little chilly but warmed up just enough by our race time.

My cousin Amanda and I were having a great time :)

There were all kinds of obstacles.  Most weren't too difficult, but tons of fun.

Climbing up this rope wall was probably the hardest one!

The race wasn't timed, but being the competitive athlete that I am, I ran the whole thing.  

I ended up losing my team.  But I just kept on running.

As soon as you crossed the finish line, they handed you a nice cold beer :) Now that is my kind of race.

I don't know how, but I managed to stay fairly clean!! Call me a wuss, but I did kinda want to keep my hair from getting too gross...

So tough!! 

So fun! I would absolutely do another race like this.

Have you ever done a mud run??


  1. OK Forrest! I just kept runnin'!

  2. We had fun watching. On to gladiator?

  3. You did it! GO KIM! I can't wait to run the gladiator race with you! We will totally run the whole time :)

    1. Can't wait for it!!! I already have my outfit! Now I just need to practice running.