Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Funday??

Everybody loves Monday! Right?! Ok...maybe Mondays aren't always that great. This Monday was filled with lots of randomness. I would like to share that randomness with you.

Started out with an early morning swim, followed by some early morning blood work. NO FUN! 

I have been told by many nurses that I have very very tiny veins! It took 3 nurses, 4 needles, and about 45 minutes to get blood! I came very close to passing out. But I survived! Best part is I need to get it done again next Monday...

I deserved a little treat!

Hazelnut coffee makes everything better! After replenishing my fluids, I worked in the family cookie business for a few hours. Pretty busy for Father's Day.

Then I watched some Netflix and snuggled with this thing.

It was a stormy day in Pittsburgh and this thing is very scared of thunder. I kept her safe.

Then I decided to whip up a batch of coleslaw! Healthy and tasty!

Very simple recipe.

Whisk together:
1 T ground mustard
2t salt
6 packets splenda
2 c red wine vinegar

Toss with bag of coleslaw, refrigerate overnight, eat!

After making something healthy, I decided to have something not at all healthy.  The husband and I bought these yummy cookies at the store the other day.

Oh goodness are they good! Notice that half are already gone...

I didn't even look at the ingredients because I know I probably couldn't even pronounce most of them. Some unnatural ingredient makes these cookies sooo soft and delicious! Feels good to splurge a bit :)

That's all for this random Monday!

How are you when it comes to needles? Shots? 

What is your favorite store bought treat? 


  1. don't take credit for eating all those cookies! I did my part!!

  2. Oy to all of that pooking and prodding. Ouch. You're a trooper! I miss swimming with you this week waaa!!

    Also, I've never had coleslaw. Is that crazy?!

    1. The pool has been like empty! Me and steve. Ha! Coleslaw is so yummy! Gotta try it.

  3. UGH I can relate 100% to the veins. I have tried to donate blood 4times in my life. The first time they flat out turned me away saying my veins were too small. The second time was my first and only success, although it took twice as long as "normal" to get the blood out of my veins. The third time was another fail, and the FOURTH time which was just last month I was in the chair for over 30minutes (apparently it's supposed to take like 10minutes max) and the bag wasn't even half full!! The blood just couldn't make it because the needle was SO much larger than my vein! I've decided to find other ways to give back haha.

    Then when it comes to the doctor I have to get a butterfly needle, or whatever the tiniest needle they use is and it always takes like 3 trys.. I HATE IT! I have to admit it's fun to know I am not the only one! HA! It's rough, but does offer an excuse for a delicious coffee! OK after sharing my life story with you on this novel of a comment I will say my favorite store bought treat would be any kind of vegan dessert...this is a real treat as most stores don't carry specialty treats. I could buy Oreo's (they are vegan ahaha) but that's not very exciting, they are good though!

    1. They always use the butterfly needle on me too. They still struggle! I always try to drink a lot the day before but doesnt seem to help much

  4. Oh no, blood work is never fun. I don't love getting needles/shots, but I don't mind them too much. I just look away. Also I love that you made a vinaigrette based slaw. I try to avoid the mayo version at all costs, yours sounds simple and light :)

    1. Super easy to make. I like it waay better than with mayo.