Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is the first WIAW post I have done. I like the idea of it. It will be a good way for me to look back and make sure I am not always eating the same thing. I kinda do that a lot... Get in major food funks!! Hopefully this will help me continue to add new and fun foods to my diet.

Breakfast is almost always in the car, after the gym, on my way to work. So it must be quick and easy. That almost always means fruit and protein bar.

These Cliff coconut chocolate chip may be my most favorite protein bar. Tastes like a Samoa girl scout cookie! Bananas are usually my favorite breakfast fruit.

Next is a little morning snack. This is almost always more fruit. I like dried fruit because I can take it on the run. Don't have to worry about keeping it cold.

I found these dried mango pieces at Starbucks. Very yummy! Chewy and just sweet enough.

Lunch is almost always the same. I really need to work in variety here!

Raw veggies and hummus. 

Super cute kitty cat shaped crackers! Vanilla and ginger snap flavor. 

And a nice handful of jelly beans for the sweet tooth :)

Afternoon snack is a veggie and protein combo.

Carrots and coconut almond protein bar. Just realized I had 2 chocolate/coconut bars! Such a great combo though!

Dinner is the first meal I get to eat at home after I am done with work.  I have a certain meal plan from a nutritionist that I follow. So sometimes I end up with weird combinations in order to fill all my needs.

Egg beaters (with a drizzle of maple syrup-is that weird?), cooked carrots, mac and cheese. May be strange but it was good! And quick which is key when I get home at 7.

Dessert?! Yes, please :)

Pre packaged chocolate chip cookie with cream filling. Yummy preservatives and additives! 

I am usually not hungry for my bedtime snack, but I always eat before I go to sleep. My nutritionist tells me it is important and keeps my metabolism going through the night. I got into trouble before because my body would go into "starvation mode" when I often skipped meals. Now if i don't eat before bed I wake up feeling sickly hungry!

A nice carb/fruit/protein filled snack always hits the spot.

I love pretzels. Mostly because of my little salt addiction. Super thick greek yogurt and fresh strawberries. I did wash and cut them up nicely but I was trying to be creative with the photography...

So that is what I eat on an average day. I eat basically the same amount of food every day, with as much variety as possible. 3 meals, 3 snacks. This is what seems to work for me! 

This also made me realize that I eat a lot like a little kid! Mac and cheese, cat crackers, jelly beans... Ha :)

What was your favorite food as a kid?

Mine for sure was mac and cheese! Still love the stuff.


  1. Classic chips and pretzels for me. Always loved them. Used to make little sandwiches out of them and eat them all night.

  2. Oh man I demolished mac and cheese as a kid, and even up until last year before I stopped eating dairy. I'm crazy I know. Are those the TJ's cat cookies, I love those! BAHAH!

    1. I tried giving up dairy...for like a day... CANT do it! And yes, love Trader Joes! They have so many fun and different things to try!

  3. Eggs + syrup = heaven! I love that combo! Sometimes I put cinnamon on top :)