Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy Nanny Day

For those who may not already know, I work as a full time nanny and care for 3 cool kiddos. My job is pretty awesome! However, rainy days like today can sometimes be tough. No park, no picnics, no pool...

I should have taken a screen shot earlier in the day when the chance of rain was 100%. Bleh...

Anyways, we managed to have a super fun day despite all the rain.

We started off with a tasty rainy morning breakfast.

Confetti pancakes! Sprinkles make everthing better. Whipped cream makes things even better!

Since we had so much fun making pancakes, we decided to bake some more breakfast food. Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins. I found the muffin recipe on Pinterest.

They turned out pretty good! A bit time I would add a little more liquid. Maybe some extra milk, butter, oil, applesauce...something.

They were a great mid morning snack. Warmed in the microwave for about 15 seconds.

The chocolate chips got all warm and melty.  

After giving the kids plenty of sugar, we needed a way to exert some of the hyperness! Bowling!

Not just any bowling, but cosmic glow in the dark bowling. It was a blast!

The shoes were actually pretty cool too.

Group shoe shot!

Not gonna lie, I did get beat by an 8 year old. In my defense he was using bumpers and I was not! I did win the second game with an amazing score of 127! Woo!

We spent some time making Father's Day cards. 

Gotta love the classic hand print :)

We finished off the day with a little Wii and Netflix. Overall, I would say the day was a success.

So there ya go. A day in the life of a nanny on a rainy day!

What is your favorite rainy day activity??
I love curling up on the couch in my jammmies with a big mug of coffee and a good movie :)


  1. Gotta love a big healthy breakfast! I love sitting around and watching TV or a good movie on a rainy day but I also don't mind going out. No lines or crowds and all you need is an umbrella.

    1. Good point! Most people seem to spend the day indoors. Would be a good day to run some errands.

  2. I love rainy days sometimes! They are a lot of fun, and these activities are perfect!! Nothing beats baking on a wet day!