Monday, June 17, 2013

Beautiful Discoveries

My husband and I bought a new house over Thanksgiving. We are all settled in and couldn't be happier! It is pretty much our perfect dream house. We were so lucky to find it!

Since this is our first summer in the house, we had no idea what things would be sprouting in the spring. We didn't really do anything to the yard and figured we would just wait and see. 

So many pretty things were already planted!

I love yellow flowers! They are just so cheerful and happy!! Well, if flowers had personalities...

Most of the backyard is covered with these jungle-ish ferns. I think they look pretty cool.

This puggle is the king of the jungle! She loves to run through them.

Who doesn't love a pretty rose bush?! In my favorite color, pink :)

I planted a vegetable garden in the spring (with the help of the wonderful Jim). Things are looking good!

Lettuce is almost ready to be picked for a fresh salad!

Add in a comfy hammock and we have one awesome yard! We didn't have to plant anything! 

Jim brought home a pretty hanging basket as a little surprise.

So there you have it! I sure am glad things turned out so beautiful because I definitely do not have a green thumb! I could never have made it look so pretty.

Do you have a garden?

Do you prefer to plant flowers or vegetables? 


  1. Wow, I had no idea your backyard had so many gorgeous flowers and such! That must have been such a nice surprise.

    I prefer planting vegetables.... because I can't eat flowers ;)

  2. It is a very peaceful backyard we have. Love to sit out there and eat breakfast or read. So calm. Allie, you'll have to come have dinner on the patio sometime.

  3. OHH my gosh I LOVE your house and your garden and your PLANTS!! Everything looks so perfect! I had 4 wine box gardens last summer, and they all flourished!! I didn't plant anything because I was too lazy. Your already planted flowers are gorgeous.

  4. Pretty, pretty, love the orange Asiatic lily and the yellow daylilies!