Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stuffum Naturals

In case you were not aware, my parents own a cookie bakery!! However, the cookies they bake are not low carb, low fat, or high protein...they are fabulously delicious though!! 

Anywho...I came across a company called Stuffum Naturals and was very intrigued! They have treats that are healthier and "fitter" than most options out there. I just had to try some!
 Cookies, donuts, brownies, and cookie dough made with grass fed whey protein isolate, almond meal, organic coconut oil, flaxseed, dark chocolate, pink Himalayan  sea salt, and other quality ingredients. 

 Chocolate Chip Cookie was up first! 
This cookie tasted fantastic! It was super soft which is the type of cookies I love! It was also much heartier than your average cookie.  I felt very satisfied after this "no guilt" treat! There was the perfect amount of dark chocolate chunks and I think I detected a little cinnamon.  

The only thing I was not a huge fan of was the packaging...It was wrapped in cellophane and then placed in a tupperware-like container.  
It tasted very fresh, but I would have liked to see it in a sealed bag.  I also would have liked to see a label on the bag with the ingredients and nutrition facts.  They do have some of that information on their website, but not everything is listed. 

I was very excited when I saw the Pumpkin Donut!! 
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am addicted to everything pumpkin! I love baking with it and I especially love eating it!!

Again, I would have liked to see different packaging and labeling.  Taste is the most important thing though!!
This was the softest donut I have ever eaten! I really love super soft baked goods so I was very pleased with the texture.  It had a nice pumpkin/cinnamon taste and there were white chocolate chips all throughout.  This donut didn't even need any frosting, filing, or sprinkles.  It was a great post workout treat!

I also received three flavors of No Bake Cookie Dough.  
I am told you can eat these as is and use them as toppings for pancakes, waffles, muffins, or other goodies.  I did find the nutritional facts online, but would have liked to see them right on the container.

I am always a fan of anything Cake Batter flavored!!
It smelled fabulous! Since these contain organic coconut oil, it is somewhat of a solid.  I decided to try microwaving it for a few seconds so I could use it as a spread.  

If you like super sweet stuff than you will love this!! 
I happen to be a big fan of sweets so I was quite happy. 
  It was pretty easy to spread after I warmed it up.  I loved how the white chocolate chips got a little melty.  I think this is a great alternative to boring butter or cream cheese.  It would be fantastic on a bagel!

Hmm...what to do with the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough...
I warmed it up again and tried this one as a dip.  

The texture was a little grainy...I think probably from the flaxseed meal.  The flavor was great though! White chocolate AND dark chocolate! 
I bet it would be even better with some graham crackers or pretzels sticks!

Last but not least was Cookies n Creme.  
I wanted to try this flavor as is, in true raw cookie dough form.  

I rolled it into three little cookie dough bites.  
Since these are made with whey protein, I had all three bites before my workout.  

I usually just have a protein bar, but cookie dough sounds more fun!
Slightly grainy texture from the flaxseed and a little greasy feeling from the coconut oil. Once again, the taste was fantabulous! I love the sweetness and white chocolate chips! They are actually quite hearty and filling too.  I think they are perfect as a post workout or pre workout snack.  They are also a great way to satisfy that sweet tooth without the guilt!  

If you want something sweet and healthy, then I suggest you give Stuffum Naturals a try!! You can get super creative with their cookie dough or try some of their other baked goods! Check out their website for ordering information!

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