Monday, October 20, 2014

Ignite Girls

I am a huge fan of fun, cute, and comfy workout apparel!! I came across a company called Ignite Girls while browsing through Instagram. I had to check out their site! So many cute tank tops! I was very excited when they agreed to send me a tank top in exchange for a review!

 They already got major bonus points for including such a thoughtful, handwritten note! 
 Not only did they send an adorable tank top...
I also got two fantastic smelling chapsticks! 

 I just love their slogan!
"Spark Your Inner Athlete" Ignite Girls is not just a clothing line.  It is a community for girls to interact with one another.  Share your love for a healthy lifestyle, learn about health and fitness, and be both girly and athletic! 

Check out their website to get the full scoop! 

This is hands down the softest workout tank top I have ever worn! It is nice and flowy which I love! I am not a huge fan of tight workout clothes…I need to be able to breathe! 
I decided to test it out at my favorite gym - Anytime Fitness

It seemed only fitting to do some lunges!! 
My favorite is lunges with kettle bells! I was feeling these the next day!

I am not always so smiley at the gym! 
I get very focused when it is time for squats!! 

Slowly working up to more weight...
 I have been working on getting lower!! I don't make the bar quite as heavy, but I am starting to see results!

 My favorite arm exercise is simple dumb bell curls.  
Focused on my form! 

 I am also loving the good old bench press! 
My goal is to be able to bench my own body weight! I got a little ways to go...

I ended the workout with some ropes! This really gets your heart rate up! 
30 seconds of ropes followed by 25 push ups! And repeat!! 

If you love being a little girly and athletic, then you should definitely check out Ignite Girls! They have a bunch of really cute tanks with different sayings! 
Whether you just get a couple cute workout tanks, or join the Ignite Girls community, I think you will be very pleased!! 

Check out Ignite Girls on all your favorite social media sites!


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