Friday, October 10, 2014


I absolutely love fitness! Some may even say that I am slightly addicted to it...I am that girl with two gym memberships! Some girls love fancy shoes and purses...I love workout clothes and gym bags!!
Since I spend a good amount of time at the gym, I need to have the perfect gym bag! 

GAIAM has provided me with just that! The "Everything Fits Gym Bag"
Sometimes when I go to the gym I swim and shower there.  Sometimes I like to do cardio and strength training.  

This is now my go-to bag for strength training days! It is the perfect size for everything I need! 
Super bright shoes, pink accessories (gloves, arm band, headphones), iPhone, extra socks, drink mixes (I hate plain water...boring!), chapstick (slightly addicted), bandaids just in case, tripod (for filming my super intense workouts!), towel just in case I sweat (I usually just sparkle) and a hoodie for the chilly fall weather! 

I love the ventilated compartment for my shoes!
Not gonna lie, those feet can get a little sweaty and stinky!

Perfect fit! 
You could also keep your dirty clothes and towels in here. 

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated!
This bag has two water bottle holders. 

I don't really need two drinks...
The second holder is perfect for some spray! Just because you look like a hot mess doesn't mean you need to smell like one!

Nice inside pouch for gloves, headphones, and arm band.  
Notice how the interior is 100% recycled polyester so you can clean it with a wet cloth.  

 This little pouch is perfect for a post workout snack!
 I never leave home without a Quest Bar! Or my iPhone...

 Pockets on the outside too! 
Us girls need lots of things...just in case...

Even with all that stuff in there, I have plenty of room for more!
What else could I possibly need?!

Nice strong straps!
To go with those nice strong muscles!

 GAIAM is a pretty big deal in the fitness world. 
They also have apparel, balance balls, home goods, wellness products, fitness videos, and everything you could possibly need for yoga!

 Speaking of yoga...
I will admit, yoga is not really my forte...I usually use my GAIAM mat for doing sit-ups and some stretching.  

This bag is extra perfect for those yoga lovers!!
You can conveniently attach your mat to the bottom of the bag with adjustable straps!

 So I may not have an extensive purse, scarf, or shoe collection...but thanks to GAIAM I now have the perfect addition to my gym bag collection!!
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