Monday, September 15, 2014

ThinSlim Foods

I think I am addicted to's ok though because I always find great new companies with tasty treats to try! I recently stumbled upon ThinSlim Foods.  I was seeing pictures of brownies, muffins, cookies, and more goodies! I had to try some!
I was very excited when a package of baked goods arrived at my door! 
I looked up ThinSlim Foods online so I could learn a little bit more about their products.  They use the best sweeteners (Erythritol and Stevia) in their products. No Maltitol which is what a lot of companies use because it is so inexpensive.   All of their products are independently lab tested and offer a no blood sugar impact and taste guarantee!

All of their squares, muffins, and brownies only have 40 - 45 calories.
2 net carbs
sugar free

I was ready to start tasting! 
I have an extreme love for cinnamon so the Cinnamon Square was up first.  
It smelled amazing! I was also pleasantly surprised at how soft it felt! 

It wasn't as cinnamony tasting as I was expected, but it was very good! Perfect amount of sweetness.  
It was unbelievable moist! I feel like "diet foods" are usually dry, but this was the complete opposite. I really loved the texture! Only 40 calories in this tasty treat plus 6 grams of protein! Love that!

 How about something for all you chocolate lovers?
Can you believe this Chocolate Brownie is only 45 calories!? 2 net carbs and 6 grams of protein.  

This was also super soft! The chocolate flavor was great and did not taste fakey at all. Once again, not overly sweet.  I did not feel guilty at all enjoying this!
Perfect treat for some video editing.  

More chocolate! This Chocolate Muffin was too cute! 45 calories, that's it!
It was a little crumbly...but not from dryness at all! I actually blame that on the UPS man...I have seen the way they toss around those boxes! Soo it got a little beat up...

Problem solved! 
What an amazing snack! A little nonfat vanilla yogurt was the perfect fix for this slightly damaged muffin!

It tasted very much like the chocolate brownie.  Nice and soft with a great chocolate flavor. 
I felt like I was eating a "very bad for you dessert" but I wasn't!!

Up next was an interesting looking Chocolate Chip Cookie.  At first glance I thought maybe it was pumpkin.  
Gotta love those macros! Basically fat free and a nice protein boost.  

I wish it had a little more chocolate...I feel like they should have just left the chocolate out and called it a Super Soft Vanilla Muffin Top.  That is what it tasted like to me.  
It had a muffin-ish texture, but I liked it! Very soft with a nice vanilla flavor.  Not your traditional chocolate chip cookie, but a tasty snack regardless!

My puppy, Sadie, was going crazy with all these smells!
Don't worry, she didn't snag my cookie! I did give her a tiny piece just for being so cute...she gobbled it right up! Puggle approved! 

I was really looking forward to this Vanilla Glazed Cookie! So much glaze!!!
How can it only be 40 calories?! Turns out the glaze is just fiber and completely calorie free! I think they have magicians working at ThinSlim Foods...

This might have been my favorite treat! 
 The glaze didn't have a ton of flavor, but I got the subtle hint of vanilla. The cookie part was very soft and had more of a vanilla taste.  I was expecting like a dry scone with a disgustingly sweet glaze, but it turned out to be quite the opposite! I really enjoyed this!

Yay for carbs! I love bread....
Each slice is only 50 calories! 2 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein, and 1 net carb!

It is very soft and smells great! Like freshly baked bread!
It reminded me a little of sourdough bread, slightly chewy.  

I tried it with my favorite topping first!! Peanut Butter!
Great snack! This kept me full for a long time too!

As a kid, I always loved cinnamon toast!! Turns out, I still do!
The bread toasted up really well! A little spray butter and a bunch of cinnamon...Yum!

I also tried the bread not toasted with some fat free cream cheese and sugar free jelly.  
Loved it! The bread is pretty hearty and actually quite substantial.  I feel like most of those low cal breads have no substance to them.  It also comes in cinnamon, rye, everything, and honey! 

Yes, that is a PB&J sandwich in my TinkerBell tupperware....
I work as a nanny! The kids love it :)

ThinSlim Foods also carry hot dog buns, hamburger buns, pockets, bagels, pizza, and other flavors of the treats I got to try! 
I really enjoyed everything! Everything tasted fresh and you cannot beat the macros! I loved how soft everything was and the fact that they were high in protein.  Check out all their products and order from their website.  

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