Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kay's Naturals

I am pretty sure everyone know how much I love snacks.  I rarely even eat "real meals".  I prefer to just snack all day.  I am also a vegetarian and sometimes struggle to get enough protein in my diet.  When I came across Kay's Naturals, I was thrilled! High protein snacks!! I feel like they were made just for me!
Kay's Naturals gave me a special coupon code so I could browse their website and pick out a few goodies to try and review.  It was so hard to decide!!
As soon as I saw Mac & Cheese Puffs, I knew they were going into my cart.
I was really hoping they were going to be good because I had to get a box of 6 individual bags.  
I really like how most of their products come in single serve bags.  I am definitely a lover of convenience! I always pack my lunch for work so it is great when I can just toss something in my bag.  

I am loving those numbers! 
I also liked how all the snacks seem so have very similar macros.   

Let's get tasting!! That is the most important test for a snack after all.  
At first glance, they reminded me of big Kix cereal.  They are very light and airy which is great because that means volume food!

They tasted great! Lots of cheesy flavor.  
Very crunchy!  These would be a great movie snack! Not really a huge popcorn fan anyway... Two thumbs up for these guys!

I also ordered a Sweet Sampler Pack.  
I got two each of the Honey Almond Cookie Bites, Almond Delight Puffs, and Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks.  Notice the Gluten Free label on there?! Love that!

Up first were the Honey Almond Cookie Bites.  
I took these with me when I went to visit my parents.  Bad idea...why?? Because of course my mom wanted some too! I decided to be a nice daughter and let her try some.

We both loved the smell of cinnamon as soon as I popped open the bag.  
My mom referred to them as "little pillows" and loved the crunch.  I thought they had a great flavor! I could really taste the cinnamon and honey.  Perfect amount of sweetness! They were super crunchy but then kind of melted in your mouth.  We devoured the bag!

More puffs! Sweet ones this time.  
I love how much you get! That whole bowl is just one serving.  These tasted a lot like the Honey Almond Cookies, which is a good thing! Light, crunchy, and sweet.  I bet these would be good as cereal.  Pour a little almond milk on top and you got yourself one tasty breakfast!

Last but not least were the Cinnamon Toast Pretzels.  I was pretty excited for these because I love pretzels and I love cinnamon.  I decided to get a little crazy and try these with some peanut butter. 
What an amazing snack! 

I could really taste the cinnamon and honey! These are crunchier than a normal pretzel too.
They were really good for dipping.  I bet they would be great with cream cheese too! Would absolutely buy these again! 

I enjoyed another bag of the Honey Almond Cookie Bites while working on my blog. 
Two of my favorite things...blogging and snacking! 

 These snacks will be making a frequent appearance in my work bag.  
Ya never know when hunger is going to strike! Always prepared! 

 I highly recommend Kay's Naturals products to anyone looking for a tasty and healthy snack.  
They also have cereal and snack mixes! I have seen some products in local grocery stores.  Use their store locator to see if they are sold near you.  You can always just order online.  

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