Sunday, August 24, 2014

Words to Sweat by

I am always on the lookout for new workout apparel! I know, you're just gonna get all sweaty, so why should it matter what you wear?! It is nice to have good quality clothing while working out, and it doesn't hurt if it is motivational too! While browsing the web, I came across a company called Words to Sweaty by.  
They have all sorts of motivational fitness apparel and accessories.  From tshirts and tank tops to jewelry and scarves.  The wonderful company sent me a tank top and workout bracelet to review.  

Most people probably don't care or notice how things are packaged, but I really take note of the extra time and effort that went into this.  
They could have just put the tank top in a box, but instead they thoughtfully packed it in a cute bag with a card.  

I love how they took the time to include a little note too :)
Once again, it is the little things that I really notice.  

The workout bracelet such a cute idea.  Only $11.99. 
The wrap is made from a lightweight fabric so it is great for when you are working out.  Plus, if your head gets a little sweaty, you can dab it dry! 

The wrap comes in all sorts of colors.  I didn't specify, but they did good with sending me pink and purple! The hand stamped aluminum charm is separate from the wrap, so you can easily changed colors.  
The wraps can be washed too, so don't worry about getting it all sweaty! The company is called "Words to Sweat by" after are supposed to get sweaty!

You can pick from a bunch of different sayings such as Run Far, Thrive, Run Fast, Transform, Eat Clean, Just Lift, Unbroken, and more.  You can also choose a custom saying of your own.  
I went with the No Excuses charm.  It is a saying I try to follow when it comes to working out and just life in general.  

I love how easy it is to change the color.  You could also wear more than one color at a time!
The bracelet is just one big loop, so you just wrap it around your wrist to make it fit perfectly.  

 I love the saying on this tank top! 
That pretty much sums up my life! Although I still struggle to drink enough water throughout the day...but that topic can be saved for another blog.

This tank is only $10.  Talk about a good buy!
The fabric is very light, breathable, and has a little stretch to it.  Super comfy!

This would make such a great gift for anyone who enjoys working out and staying fit.  
Super cute, customizable, and very affordable! 

 I absolutely love my new bracelet and tank top.  
Check out Words to Sweat by to see all the other items they have too!  I am sure you will find something perfect for you. 

I am not saying it was the tank top...but I did have a great workout this morning :) 
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  1. Love the stuff you got to review! Very cute! I'll have to check this business out :). I also appreciate when things are packaged nicely! It makes them extra special becuase you know care went into it!

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