Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1:Face Watch

I have been in the market for a new watch for quite some time.  Ha, time...get it!? Anywho...I saw a friend's post on Facebook about a company called 1:Face Watch.  I looked into it and their watches sounded amazing!! I contacted the company and was thrilled when they send me one in exchange for a review.  
I know what you are thinking...that sure looks like a watch...what do they mean "This Is Not A Watch"?
Well, it is a watch, and a very high quality one at that! But it is so much more than a watch! 
Each watch from 1:Face represents a different charity.  Mine is for water. Every four water watches sold equals a lifetime of water for one person.  How amazing is that?! 

Water is something I really take for granted.  I always complain about how I hate drinking plain water because it is boring and doesn't taste good...I forget how many people don't even have fresh water to drink! It really makes me realize how lucky I am.
1:Face supports nine different causes.  They include water, hunger, animals, AIDS, education, cancer, breast cancer, environment, and red cross. Each watch is a different color to represent the different causes.  Check them out here

Each watch is only $40 dollars.  Very affordable! 
The screen stays blank until you hit a button on the side.  The time flashes and then fades away.  

I love the sporty look of these watches.  They are simple, yet so different from any watch I have ever seen!
When the time is not displayed, the screen is like a mirror.  

I had some fun capturing some gorgeous shots in the reflection of the screen!
How cool is that?! I was very proud of my creative photography skills!
This would be a great shot for the environment watch. 

You could even check your makeup in the mirror screen.
There is something really cool and yet kinda creepy about this shot...

I have super tiny wrists, but it still fits great.  
The band is rubber and adjusts to just about any size you would need.  

 I seriously love everything about this watch.  
It looks cool, fits great, tells the time, and helps support a great cause!!

I know what my friends and family are getting for gifts this year! What an amazing present?! A nice watch and knowing that the purchase of that watch is helping to change the world.  
Teachers would love the education one.
Know any animal lovers? I know they would love knowing that their new watch was the reason an animal found a home.  

Whether you get one for yourself, buy one as a gift, or both, you really can't go wrong with a 1:Face Watch. 
I am honored to wear my new watch and help spread the word about a great company with a great product.  They really are changing the world 1:Face at a time!


  1. This is super cool! What an awesome company, too. I definitely want to check this out.. I think watches are making a comeback :)

    1. I feel like people always just use their phones now... I love a good watch!

  2. I have a really small wrist. Will it be a good fit and not look huge on me?

    1. I have super duper tiny wrists! The face is a bit big but def not too big!