Friday, July 25, 2014


I consider myself a very active person! Always at the gym, going for a run, swim, walk...I love working out and staying fit.  I usually just allow myself one new pair of workout shoes each year.  I always buy the absolute brightest pair possible! They usually last the whole year with no problems, but the laces always seem to wear a bit...I have even had to replace them a few times.  

I was browsing the web looking for new shoes when I stumbled upon a company called Yankz! They don't sell shoes, but they do sell shoe laces.  I know what you're thinking...shoe laces?! Not that exciting...but these ones really are exciting!
The awesome company sent me two different kinds of laces to try out.  They have the slack laces and the sure lace system.  

They asked me what colors I wanted so that they would match my shoes.
I simply said "the brighter the better!"  They come in every color you can imagine and are even customizable.  

I tried out the slack laces first.  
They thread into your shoes just like any shoe lace.  Except they are nothing like your regular laces!!

They are super duper elasticy!
My shoes were tied pretty tight, but when I moved my feet, the laces stretched to fit.  I hate when I tie my shoes and the are a little too tight or too is hard to get them just right.  No worries with these! Because of how stretchy they are, they just flex along with your foot and are extremely comfortable! 

I could not wait to take them with me to the gym!
I love how they made my already colorful shoes even more colorful!!

I honestly felt like I was wearing a brand new pair of shoes!
Leg press! No problem!

Bring it on squat rack!
I never realized how much my feet move when doing these exercises.  It was great not to have that tightness in my feet!

Time to try the Sure Lace System!
These were a tiny bit more complicated to lace up, but came with step by step instructions! If I figure it out, so can you!!

I was very excited to go for a nice long run with these bad boys!
It was great to be 100% sure that my laces were NOT coming untied during my run!  All you marathon runners out need to invest in a pair of these!! You will never have to tie your shoes again! 
Plus they just look really really cool! They are also very stretchy and comfortable.  You can just slip your feet in and out of your shoes because of the stretchiness.  Oh and did I mention extremely affordable!! Only $7.50! Must cheaper than buying a brand new pair of shoes.  I don't even think I will need a pair this year :)

I guess if I had to choose, I would say I prefer the slack laces.  The stretch in them was so comfortable and I love how they tie up just like regular laces.
I highly recommend you check out Yankz laces. You can order them online here through Amazon. Try both kinds and let me know which ones you prefer!  They also have some really sweet looking bags! Might just have to get one of those for myself :)

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