Friday, July 11, 2014

Apera Bag - New Gym Bag!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many gym bags I have gone through...The zippers break, the strap snaps, the fabric tears, and they end up in the garbage within a few months.  I decided to go on a search for a really good bag! One that would last, function, and look cool too.  After googling and searching sporting good stores I finally came across one that looked promising! 
It is from a company called Apera.  Their slogan is pure. sport. bags.  Sounds good to me! All they make are bags so I figured they must be awesome. 
These bags are protected by an antimicrobial product that resists the formation of bacterial odor in and on the bag. I am not exactly sure what an antimicrobial product is, but if it keeps my bag from smelling funky I am all for it! 
Apera bags have ventilated compartments and wipeable linings.  I love this because I swim 5-6 days a week and then keep wet towels and a suit in my bag.  Most bags have that cardboard bottom that gets all soggy and smelly.  
There is plenty of room for all my swim gear in this bag!

There is also a really nice washable insert to keep the bag clean and odor free!
This is perfect to put my wet suit in! I can just toss it in the wash once a week and this way the chlorine isn't soaking into my bag.  

I don't always swim when I go to the gym, but I don't want to have a separate bag for when I do weights or other cardio.  I love that there is a separate place to keep my gloves, headphones, and iPhone arm band.  By the way...can you tell I love pink?!
This bag has more compartments than any bag I have ever seen! I actually think I might need to get more stuff to fill it!

There are two little compartments on top.  
Yes, that is a Quest Bar hiding in there! Ya never know when hunger might strike!

I usually go the gym super early before work.  I shower at the gym, get ready, and go straight to work.  This means I need to pack all my shower stuff too! If you are a girl or know a girl, you know that we need lots of stuff to get ready!
Plenty of room for not one, but two towels! Ya know, one for the body, one for the hair...I also have a hair dryer AND a hair straightener in there!

There is also a big compartment on each side of the bag.  These are really great because they are ventilated.  
I keep a shower bag with my shampoo, conditioner, etc. on one side which usually gets pretty wet. It is perfect because the ventilation lets it dry out instead of having the water sit in there and get all funky.

The other side is perfect for my deodorant, makeup bag, lotion...
Plenty of room for all that other "girly" stuff I need to make myself at least somewhat presentable for work! I am a nanny so I honestly don't put that much effort into it...the kiddos could care less what I look like!

The inside of the bag has lots more little compartments for anything you might need.  
Perfect place for your phone, wallet, car keys, bandaids, name it! Seriously though...I need more stuff! I feel the need to fill each and every compartment! 

Of course this bag has a great adjustable strap!
 Oh if I had a dollar for every time I had a strap just break and my bag fell to the ground...Duct tape only works for so long... 

 If I am going to the gym for cardio or to lift I will wear my tennis shoes.  Of course there is plenty of room if I did want to pack them!
Love how my shoes match my bag! You might also notice my matching pink shaker bottle.  There is not just one, but two water bottle holders! 

Just so you can see it all spread out...this is everything I keep in my new gym bag.  That is a lot of stuff!!
And yes, there was room for more!!!

 I am beyond happy with my new gym bag and don't think I will ever find another one that even compares!  
 Check out the Apera website and get yourself an amazing bag! They also have back packs, yoga bags, totes, and duffel bags.  I was actually eyeing up the yoga tote and sling tote! They would be perfect for all the stuff I need to pack while at work with the kiddos :) Even if you don't workout, these bags would be perfect for a pool bag, overnight bag, or even in place of a purse!

All kinds of fun colors and very reasonably priced! I guarantee you will not find a better sport bag anywhere! 


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  2. Wow!!! Your Gym bag is so beautiful. Not that much big but still it has that much space that you can carry almost every thing you need to carry for your gym.