Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Mom?!...I mean Kim??"

I can say for certain that I get called "mom" more than the avergage "non-mom".  If that makes sense...People just always assume I am the kiddos mommy! Sorry, but I am a bit young (at least in my opinion) to have a 6 year old and a 3 year old.  I get "mom" at the grocery store, gymnastics, school drop off/pick up, library, mall, etc.  The kids even slip up and call me "mom" at least a few times daily. 

This bring me to another point in "nanny life".  Now, I don't know many other nannies, so I don't ever really get to talk about my job with other "co-workers".  It is also odd because there are no real rules in the nanny world.  By this I mean, one nanny may have to do lots of chores, errands, and extra stuff while another nanny may just have to watch and care for the kids.  If there are any other nannies out there reading this, what are your thoughts?  Should the nanny only be in charge of the kids safety and happiness? Or should they be responsible for things like grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc?

My opinion...if it job is to do whatever the parent(s) want me to do! I am their employee.  If my boss wants me to do clean out the junk drawer, sort the kid's clothing, do laundry, return stuff to Target, stop at the liquor store, send birthday cards, bake cookies for a school party, wrap the Christmas presents, and order a cake at Giant Eagle, that is fine by me.  (I have been asked to do all those things and DO NOT mind it :)  I would be very curious to hear what other people (nanny or not) think about this!

Speaking of baking...While at work I noticed a box of Fruity Cheerios that had been in the cabinet for at least 5 months now.  I also noticed a bag of mini marshmellows...I got an idea!

I decided to try a spin on the classic rice krispy treats.  It should work just the same with Fruity Cheerios right?! did!! Same recipe, only swap the Cheerios for Rice Krispies.  I actually liked them even better :) Got me thinking of all the other cereal possibilities.  Kix, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Corn Pops, Special K (to be healthy), Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Trix...I could go on forever...



  1. As a part time nanny myself, I feel like the kids safety and entertainment should ALWAYS be my number one concern. That being said, I LOVE my employers, so if they ask me to do a few extra chores around the house, I do not mind one bit. I usually do the dishes lying around when I clean up after lunch and sometimes even sweep and mop the floors as well. I have been asked to help with supper a bit (cooking pasta, taking something out of the oven, nothing complicated) and I have helped out with birthday parties.

    I think a lot of it has to do with respect. Respect me as a person, and I have no problem do whatever you ask of me.

    I enjoy reading your blog and am adding it to my reading list. :)

    As a beginning blogger, I would love if you checked out mine as well.

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