Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Modern Day Mary Poppins

I have been called "SuperNanny" on more than one occasion.  I get "Mary Poppins" quite often too!  I figured I would give a quick explanation of my job for those who don't know much about it already.

I work for a college professor so I am on "Winter Break" right now.  I will have lots of stories to write about once I go back to work. Trust me!!  I do work full time.  At least 40 hours a week as well as occasional date nights for Mr. and Mrs.  Sometimes when I tell people I am a nanny, they assume that I only work a few hours a week.  People also often assume that I am just doing this until I can find "something better" or "more professional".  That drives me crazy! I chose to be a nanny.  Even though I have my teaching degree, I do not plan on using it any time soon.  I LOVE my job :)

People also figure I just play with play-doh, color, watch movies, go to the zoo, play at the park, and eat gold fish and mac & cheese. Well, that part is kind of true!! Ha, I do have a lot of fun at my job, but there is also sooo much responsibility!! I know everyone has responsibilites at their job, but I have two lives in my care. It makes me very aware of how I act, what I say, how I drive, and basically everything that I do.  I have noticed that they pick up on every little thing I say and do.  I like to think that I will have a lasting impression on their lives :)

One of my favorite things to do with the kiddos is bake!

I love setting up a cookie decorating table so the kids can just go crazy!

Some peanut butter blossoms we made at Christmas time!

We also play board games a lot!! And NO, I do not just let the kids win.  Ha, they need to learn how to be a good loser too.  I will admit though, the 6 year old beats me most of the time...

Classic games!!

Yes, I do have lots and lots fun at work! Although I have my share of "poopy" days at work.  And I say that literally!! Don't worry, I will not go into detail...use your imagination.  I know that this job is preparing me for when I have my own children :) Stay tuned for some fun stories!


  1. I love that you totally embrace being a nanny and that you LOVE it! Not many people can say they love their job. So awesome, Kim :) I always love hearing stories about the kiddos!

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