Thursday, January 3, 2013

And The Award Goes To...

Over Thanksgiving my husband and I sold our house and bought a new one! We absolutely love it! However, it is quite a bit more expensive.  We looked for ways to save money and decided not having cable would be a great way.  We are saving about $120 a month! Since we have no cable, I have been watching Netflix A LOT! I also have done quite a few Redbox rentals.  I decided to compose a list of my favorite TV shows and movies that I watched this past year.  They are not all made in 2012, but that is when I watched them.  I would love more suggestions of shows and movies available on instant Netflix :) In no particular order...

Best TV Shows

Michael!! Oh goodness...This would have to be  my all time favorite!
Sooo creepy!

Ahh Dexter...How can you not love this serial killer?!

JACK!! There is just something about him.

Never thought I would love a show about zombies so much!!

 Best Movies

Such a great concept! Makes you wonder what you would do!

Bridesmaids. Watched this after my wedding. HILARIOUS!
Gerard Butler...YUM! Loved the premise of this movie.

Took the kiddos to see this one.  So cute!
Rapunzel reminds me of myself. Long blonde hair :)
Jim even got me a Tangled ornament for Christmas!

21 Jump Street. Soo funny. Channing Tatum sure is easy on the eyes.
Avengers! Iron Man is by far the best superhero. Such a great sense of humor :)

So there are my favorites.  Of course I watched many others, but these take the cake.  I also watched some that were...not so great...

Rotten Tomatoes

Jessica Biel...BIG disappointment...
Couldn't even finish it. I usually love Nicolas Cage!
Soo bad on soo many levels...
So, that's it! Would love more suggestions of things to watch.  Also, if you agree or disagree on anything.


  1. Mad men takes awhile but grows on you. The big C is dark humor, I think you would like it. Nurse Jackie is also good. Game of thrones is fantastic and the best of all but nothing and nobody beats Jack! * Michael comes close...

  2. I LOVED Tangled and The Hunger Games... I was really interested in seeing Stolen.. now I'm not going to watch it, so thanks for the tip ;)

    Hmm my suggestions: anything on the Food Network (I'm a cooking dork), and I just love most shows on TLC.. it's my guilty pleasure. Especially shows like "Baby's First Day" and "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" haha.