Monday, February 17, 2014

Lovey Weekend

Since Valentine's Day was on a Friday, that meant we got to celebrate allll weekend! I had to work on Valentine's Day but that's ok cuz I spent it baking with the kiddos. So colorful!
Jim had to work all night... But he did have these beauties sent to the house.
I am not really big on flowers because let's face it...they die... These were a very nice surprise though.

My parents got me a really cool gift! They got me a 3 month subscription to Nature Box. Check it out here. Each month I get five different healthy snacks to try. I can't wait til the first package comes!

Saturday we actually celebrated. Jim got me the best presents ever!!
Does he know me or what?! A whole box of Quest bars (my new obsession), a GNC gold card (for future Quest purchases), wine, liquor, my favorite pretzels, a lottery ticket (didn't win), and some M&Ms (gotta have a little chocolate) Seriously the best gift ever!!

I got him a nice card, a bottle of our favorite wine, and four boxes of zebra cakes :)

Jim planned a secret activity before dinner. I had a pretty good idea what it was, and I was right! Pottery painting! I have been wanting to do this for forever! 
It was so fun!! I made a heart plate so I can take pretty foodie pictures. 
We have to pick them up in a week after they bake it or whatever they do... Can't wait to see the finished product :) Jim made a really cute treat container for our pup Sadie.

Then we went to a Thai food resturant called The Silk Elephant. This was my first Thai experience.  I decided to order something "safe" so I just got tofu and veggies.
Only problem is that it had a very oily sauce. ED was super loud and I just couldn't eat it. I took a few bites but couldn't get past all the oil... I felt bad... The owner saw that I didn't like it and was determined to please me. I am glad she was so persistent! She brought me some very fresh veggie and tofu rolls!
I ate them all and they were sooo yummy! It was a little out of my comfort zone but I felt great afterwards.
Jim was even shocked so we captured the first bite moment :) I would definelty go back to that resturant. Best part?!? My dinner was on the house! 

Sunday we just relaxed, watched Netflix, and drank some wine. I would say it was a very successful Valentine weekend!

What did you do to celebrate? Gifts? Dinner? 

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  1. You just explained everything that I did to celebrate. I had an awesome time. My Pad Thai at the restaurant was OUTSTANDING! and the 'zebra' cakes are my favorite dessert in the entire world! Could eat them everyday! Yay for diabetes! Extra insulin please!